Valve Expresses After A Long Silence To The Gaming Flop Artifact

Valve Expresses After A Long Silence To The Gaming Flop Artifact

Valve expresses after a long silence to the gaming flop Artifact. After a long silence, Valve comments on her game Artifact. The developers want to explore the basic problems of the game.

What about Artifact? For a long time it was quiet around the card game of Valve and the dissatisfaction of the players grew.

After the rather unfortunate launch and many complaints about the lack of game content and the strong random factor, followed a massive crash in the number of players in January 2019.

According to SteamCharts, Artifact currently has about 417 active players:

Valve Expresses After A Long Silence To The Gaming Flop Artifact

What does Valve say about the situation?

Now Valve has broken the silence. In a release on Steam, the developers said that they want to put the updates for Artifact indefinitely on ice.

The reason is that Valve wants to deal with the basic problems of Artifact.

Artifact represents the biggest discrepancy between our expectations and the actual outcome. However, we do not believe that players have misunderstood or misplayed our game. Artifact is a chance for us to improve and use that knowledge to create a better game.

Valve employee Jeep Barnett

The developers have watched and collected feedback since the launch. Therefore, they will now reassess the core aspects of Artifact. This includes:

  • Basic game design
  • The game economy
  • Social experience while playing

The work on it, according to the Steam release “take a lot of time”. However, the developers would consider that as a challenge.

What are the reactions? Many players on Steam and Reddit received this message with mixed feelings. While some of the fans wish the development team a lot of success, others are more than skeptical.

In the Reddit thread to the announcement, players expressed suspicions about a complete relaunch of Artifact, similar to what happened with Final Fantasy XIV .

Several people also made the joke about the “Valve Time” and that the work on Artifact will probably take years or never be completed, as was the case with the Half-Life games.

What do you all mean? Can Artifact still be saved? What would you change about the game?

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