WoW Classic Calculates Skills 10 Times Slower And Fans Cheer

Times Slower

WoW, Classic calculates skills 10 times slower and fans cheer.  In the Classic version of World of Warcraft should play most of the same as then to Vanilla. This also means that some things are intentionally worse. That’s why abilities are calculated more slowly. Fans are pleased about this decision.

Therefore, the calculation is slower:

In World of Warcraft, there is the so-called “Spell Batching.” This roughly means that spells and abilities do not occur in real time. They are collected and calculated at intervals simultaneously, in so-called “batches.” In the current live version of World of Warcraft, the interval length is 20 milliseconds. So it is collected 50 times a second. All abilities that are cast together within 0.02 seconds will then appear simultaneously.

To Vanilla WoW, however, this time was ten times as large: 200 milliseconds. So it was collected and calculated only 5 times a second. As a result, significantly more skills had space in a much smaller frame.

In a forum post, the developers now confirmed that the upcoming summer Classic version of WoW will run with the old “Spell Batching”.

What are the effects of spell-batching?

As a result of this “Spell Batching” different abilities could occur simultaneously and both effects were effective anyway. So it could happen that two magicians transformed each other or stormed two warriors each other.

Specifically, Blizzard gives the example that a magician can be hit by the “slamming” of a warrior as he transforms it. The warrior would then be transformed and the magician will suffer damage, but his spells will not be blocked. That could happen even today but is less likely.

That’s because both abilities are legitimate at the beginning of the batch. The effect occurs at the same time, not one after the other. Especially in the PvP area, this has a big impact on the behavior of the skills and the fight.

This is how the fans see it: after fans were already enthusiastic about the content publishing stage plan, they are now happy with the decision made by Blizzard.

On Reddit there is great praise for the fact that the Classic team does such a great job and thinks about what would be really useful. The user LeftBehind4Hate writes:

It’s amazing to see what a team can do that really has dedication to their project.

How do you like the decision? Do you remember how it was with Classic?

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