WoW Responds To Fan Criticism To Portals, But Rather Late

WoW Responds To Fan Criticism To Portals, But Rather Late

WoW responds to fan criticism to portals, but rather late. After some squabbling with the community, World of Warcraft will soon have an old portal again. Fans especially wanted that after the developers cut the portal connections. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed the return.

Which portal is coming back? The portal to the caves of time will return. The promised Game Director Ion Hazzikostas in a Q & A:

In the Q & A, Hazzikostas also said that there may be a lower maximum level in WoW and that you will soon be able to hide more pieces of armor.

WoW Responds To Fan Criticism To Portals,

When does the portal return?

Hazzikostas said that the portal will be released with the “next content update”. This is probably the case with patch 8.2 or before with the new Raid crucible of the storms. Either way, it will take a few weeks or months.

That was the problem so far: In patch 8.1.5 Blizzard has simply removed several portals in various cities. Below are the portals in Dalaran, so the only remaining portal is the way to Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

In the two capitals, Blizzard has instead introduced new portal spaces to make the cities a hub. However, many portals fell away, including the caves of the time.

The fans were quite angry about that and did not understand what this step should be good for. The criticism became louder and louder. Some fans are still criticizing Reddit that the new “portal hubs” did not really feel like “hubs” because of the many missing routes, but somehow incomplete.

This is what the portal uses: The most important reason why players demand the portal is so-called “transmog runs” and “mount runs” for old content. Especially the Raid Dragon Soul is popular here.

The passages are about capturing riding and pets or certain items for transmogrification. They should look just great and give players the opportunity to make their own matching fashion sets. These can show them to other players and even win prizes in the “Great Style Check”.

Are you looking forward to the portal?

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