Dataminer gives first insights into the next big feature of Pokémon GO

Dataminer gives first insights into the next big feature of Pokémon GO

Dataminer gives first insights into the next big feature of Pokémon GO. In Pokémon GO a new feature soon comes up to you! A Dataminer has shown first pictures of the lucky friends. We give you first insights into the upcoming innovation.

What do you know about the lucky friends?

Over a week ago, the Dataminer Chrales found first announcements to the lucky friends in the Pokémon GO code . This feature is supposed to bring guaranteed luck pokemon.

Now first pictures have been found. They roughly outline the function of the lucky friends and, above all, show what the screen looks like in such an exchange.

This shows the Dataminer to the lucky friends

What do you recognize on the pictures? The screenshots of the Dataminer Chrales illustrate the animations when exchanging with the lucky friend and how to recognize such a friend.

How do you become a lover? Not much is known about how the feature works. The Dataminer does not explain anything specific about it. But one can assume that one becomes lucky friends, if one made some deception in advance.

How to recognize the lucky friends: If you are with someone lucky friend, then you recognize this directly. Already in the friends list you can see golden circles around the player name. This is then your luck friend.

If you trade with this friend, then the entire background is gold and looks much different than usual.

What do the lucky friends bring? When Chrales discovered the feature, he already found text passages to the feature. These say that you can swap with a lucky friend guaranteed a lucky pokemon.

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This would change a lot, because you could be guaranteed to secure strong Pokémon, because Glückspokémon have at least 80% IV.

When does the feature come? So far, nothing is known about the release. But it could come soon, because apparently all the important details are already included.

That’s important: Despite the pictures and the known details, it remains only a find of a Dataminer. Maybe Niantic will not do that feature at all – or much later. This remains to be seen. Possibly the less fortunate pokemon are also related to the new feature.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.