Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Data Centers – That’s What It Means For You

Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Data Centers - That's What It Means For You

Final Fantasy XIV gets new data centers – that’s what it means for you. On April 2, Final Fantasy XIV will divide the European data center into two new centers. We have compiled for you an overview of the most important information as well as answers to the most frequent questions.

What happens in FFXIV? There is currently only one data center in FFXIV in Europe: Chaos. That should change in the near future.

To prevent overcrowding of the data center and reduce load times and lags, the existing European servers are split into two data centers: Chaos and Light.

The new layout of the servers will look like this:

When is the breakdown? There will be 24-hour server maintenance prior to the launch of the new data centers.

It starts at 11am on April 1st and is expected to finish the next day at 12 noon. Remember that maintenance could be delayed or completed early.

All owners of an active FFXIV account will be credited with one day of play time as compensation.

What does the separation of the servers mean for me?

By dividing the servers into different data centers, the players of these centers will no longer be able to play together in the content and group search.

For Example: A character from the Moogle server will no longer be able to play along with a character from the server Odin or in-game.

Can I go to another server? Yes, you will be able to switch between servers and data centers for free from April 3 to April 17.

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Note, however, that the transfer to loaded servers will still not be possible. Although there are currently no closed server, this can change at short notice.

The usual restrictions when changing servers do not apply. You can:

  • Take all your money. There is only the limit of 999,999,999 gil.
  • If you have to give up your house when changing, you will get all the money back. And another three million as compensation for furniture.
  • Apartments are reimbursed for 500,000 gil and another 500,000 gil for furniture.
  • Frequently asked questions about the separation of the servers

What happens to my / our house? Nothing. If you stay on your server at the breakup and go nowhere, then nothing will happen. The houses are only lost if you actively decide to change from Zodiark to Ragnarok, for example.

How often can you change for free? There is no pure quantity restriction. Keep in mind, however, that at least 3 days must pass between making two changes on a service account. So you can not transfer one character and then another one immediately afterwards.

Which data centers can I transfer my characters too?

On any. Your FFXIV account is not tied to a data center region, so you can easily transfer to US servers if you feel like it. However, switching to Japanese servers will cost you money.

Is it worthwhile to switch servers within a data center? Matter of opinion. From April 23, it will be possible for all players to travel freely between the servers of a data center with the World Visit System .

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So if you have friends on Shiva and you are on Lich yourself, you will soon be able to visit Shiva. There will be no time restrictions on such visits.

But if you want to be in the same FG and maybe buy a house there, then you can use the period for free transfer.

Where are the new centers then?

Nothing has been said officially about the site yet. Are the two new servers coming on April 2nd? No, the two new servers (one each for Chaos and Light) will go online with the release of Shadowbringers.

Also note any special cases where the server transfer can not take place, such as the character is not yet 3 days old or in case of a rename. The full list can be found on Lodestone.

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