The Division 2: Survival Specialist Can Not Only Heal But Also Deal

The Division 2: Survival Specialist Can Not Only Heal But Also Deal

The Division 2: Survival Specialist can not only heal but also deal. The Survival Specialist is one of the 3 specializations in The Division 2 . This guide explains what you need to know about specialization.

These are the specializations of the endgame: At level 30 you can unlock the 3 specializations in your base . Afterwards you can change these freely.

Each of these specializations has its own weapon and skill tree, which can be used to craft various perks. Here are the key features, the best perks, and things to keep in mind with the Survival Specialist.

The survival specialist is suitable for every type of player

This distinguishes the survival specialist : This specialization favors several ways of playing.

She can fill the role of supporter well. Both healing and status effects can be played so effectively. But you can also plug in a lot and build effective DPS sets.

These are the peculiarities of the survival specialist:

  • The individual weapon: The Survival Specialist gives you access to the Crossbow. This weapon can shoot bolts, which can explode after a short time and cause area damage.
  • The individual skill mod: With the specialization there is a mod for the search appointments. This now has a
  • healing effect on armor. You can either let the mine follow you or your teammates.
  • Garnet Type: The survival specialist has access to fire grenades.
  • Individual outfit: Each specialization has its own outfit, which is unlocked on activation.

However, the grenade type and the search appointments only need to be unlocked in the skill tree by specialization points.

The best perks of the survival specialist

These perks are especially recommended: With sufficient specialization points, the complete skill tree can be completed. But it takes a while to get enough points together.

Therefore, we show the perks that are best and should be skilled first:

  • Elite Defense (3 ranks) : Up to + 15% protection against elite
  • Triage Specialist (3 ranks): Up to + 15% additional healing for team members
  • Crisis Times: + 10% cooldown reduction when in cover
  • Tactics Link: Your group deals + 10% percent more damage against enemies with status effects
  • Fire Grenade: All enemies in a given radius are fired
  • Individual weapon damage (4 ranks): up to + 145% damage to your individual weapon.
  • Gun at the ready (3 ranks): Up to + 15% shotgun damage
  • EMI: Up to + 15% assault rifle damage
  • Flicker: Seeker Mine follows either you or a manually marked ally and heals armor
  • Distributed Repair: Armor kits heal over time, and the healing effect also affects team members within 10 yards
  • Individual ammunition pool: Killing your party members Enemies who have a status effect will have the chance
  • Of ammunition for their individual weapons.
  • To complete a skill tree, you need 160 points.

How do I get skill points for my specialization?

Complete tasks where the Black Tusk faction is your opponent. These reward you after completion with the specialization points. You always get points for specialization that you have active at the time. An overview of all talents can be found in our guide:

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  • And the precision shooter
  • Overall, the survival specialist is more balanced than the other specializations.
  • The crossbow does not cause as much damage as the grenade launcher but is more precise.

In addition, you can build a strong healer build with adequate skill levels, keeping your teammates and yourself alive. The armor kit that can heal you and your team over time is very helpful.

But the skill tree also allows you to combine the survival specialist with pure DPS sets. In principle, you have a free choice, since your equipment mainly determines how your set works.

The crossbow can still do enough damage and the fire grenades are extremely useful in combat.

A more offensive build variant shows you this video by LethalvD:

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