The Elder Scrolls Blades In Prelude Test: I Forgive You For being Mobile

The Elder Scrolls Blades In Prelude Test: I Forgive You For being Mobile

The Elder Scrolls Blades in the Prelude Test: I forgive you for being mobile. The other day, a little bird chirped to me that The Elder Scrolls Blades is now available for download.

“Sacrilege! Humanity is going to the dogs! “The Core Gamer shouted in me. “A Free to Play Mobile Game in the Elder Scrolls Universe? To hell with it! ”

But then I thought, “Hold on, it’s Bethesda after all. And it’s free. “If there’s free beer, I do not say no – even if it’s Oettinger. And a gifted stallion can still look in the mouth before it is processed into sausage.

So downloaded, hooked, knighted a knight with the sword and … cell phone was thrown out of the window.

All right, the last point was a lie. But I felt like it already, because after the super tight and in my opinion meaningless tutorial came first a static ad with a thank you for downloading and the information that you are unfortunately still not worthy to get started.

I had to wait until they would wave me over.

Several hours later I was able to gamble and what can I say … Elder Scrolls Blades has everything I hate about mobile games. But it has become damn good.

Heydenreich and the arsonists

So it started: Contrary to my expectations, The Elder Scrolls Blades has grabbed me from the very first second. I returned with my hero to his hometown and found them burning.

After a little fight with the arsonists and a nice chat with one of the survivors, I also got into the character creation menu. Here I could choose whether I want to be male or female and, of course, which people I want to belong to.

Khajiit, Dark Elf, High Elf, North, Breton, Argonian, Imperial … all the well-known races and classes from the Elder Scrolls universe are there. The body size, as well as the appearance of the head, eyes, nose and mouth can be varied. Either with a movable bar or numerous options to choose from.

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Everything like a “real” Elder Scrolls. I’m surprised.

Quests and mission design

Promptly after character creation I got my first quests. These can be started via the quest menu and you are immediately in the corresponding level. Well, the quest design can not be called creative right now. Find and rescue Person X, collect Y potatoes, kill Z goblins.

For the next ninety minutes, I walked through catacombs or tubular outdoor areas, performing my duties, collecting resources and gold. I have to say that despite the uncreative mission design, it’s really fun. There is always something useful and the flow of the game never stops in The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

A nice detail: In each dungeon, there is a “secret room” or even more. There is an extra chest waiting for me. It was really fun to search the levels for this secret room – even if finding it was not really a challenge.

The city

What is there to do in the city?

  • In the beginning, the city consists only of ruins, which you can click and then expand to a desired building.
  •   ” the short time that I have played, I have rebuilt a town hall and a blacksmith shop.
  • In the smithy I was able to pimp my weapons and armor parts. There are also many open spaces where decorations can be placed. I’m curious how it goes on.

The chests

Here comes the catch! As a reward for completing the quests I got chests. While the normal chests can be opened within five seconds, unlocking takes just three hours for the silver specimens and six for the golden ones.

Alternatively, I can spend gems, the ingame currency, to open the chests immediately. You guessed it: these stones cost money.

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In addition, the gems are needed to increase your inventory and revive you in the fight on the spot, otherwise you have to start the dungeon again from scratch, which I personally have no problem now, since the levels are so short.

At least I did not run against a paywall. Since you have 10 chest slots at the beginning and can expand them to 20 quite quickly, theoretically you would need to get more than 10 chests within three hours to feel compelled to spend gems. After my first two hours in Elder Scrolls Blades, just half was occupied. Therefore, I was spared for the time being a nervous breakdown.

However, it is of course still annoying that you have to first wait three to six hours to get to his loot. The prices in the shop can be described as salted with goodwill.

For example, a legendary Lootbox costs the equivalent of twenty euros. There are just a legendary object and a few materials in there. Moms and dads around the world should take better care of their credit cards from now on.

Graphics and performance

Is the graphics really that good? Oh yeah! Right from the moment you start the game, you are promptly struck down by the beautiful world. You stand in the forest, the sun is shining, the trees are moving in the wind. Sounds unspectacular but it was the ultimate WOW effect.

I’ve never seen anything like that on a smartphone. Unfortunately, the screenshots only partially reflect what you see when you play the game on a Retina display.

And the performance?

Jerky, right? I played for almost two hours on an Iphone XS and could not notice any stuttering. There was no crash. The heat development of the device also remained far below expectations. It was a bit warm after an hour, but never unpleasantly hot. Very exemplary.

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However, there is no denying that other smartphone models experience performance issues when playing The Elder Scrolls Blades.

Control and handling

Is The Elder Scrolls Blades comfortable to play? Absolutely. First, you can choose whether you play it in portrait or landscape mode. Ergo with one or two hands.

On the other hand, it offers both the classic touch control (left stick to run, right to look around) and a point and clicks control. Of course, it’s still not as comfortable as with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard, but once inside, it’s fun. Yes you have read correctly: fun.

Anyway, I’m also positively surprised at this point and did not wake up this morning with cramped hands.

That’s why I forgive you blades

The Elder Scrolls Blades, you entertained me very well during the first two hours.

The gamepla nice, the graphics excellent, the controls good and the game flow not interrupted by advertising or the like. That’s more than most mobile games can claim.

Still, you’re still a mobile game. And if that should degenerate with the chests later in the game, you fly from my store. But for now … holla the wood elf! I would say that waiting for public toilets could increase significantly in the future if this game becomes a hit.

No buck on mobile? And have you always wanted to have a stone as a pet? Play Elder Scrolls Online! That’s currently free, along with a prologue to the next addon …

Here’s how you can play The Elder Scrolls Blades: If you want to try out the mobile game for yourself, in this article we have all the information you need to download The Elder Scrolls Blades on iOS and Android for you.

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