The World Rankings In The Division 2 I Have Imagined Quite Differently

The World Rankings In The Division 2 I Have Imagined Quite Differently

The world rankings in The Division 2 I have imagined quite differently. The new online shooter The Division 2 has been out for about 2 weeks now and our author has arrived in the endgame. He has imagined something completely different under the “world ranking” system.

So I thought, how the world rank would be: I have to confess, I was pursuing The Division 2 in advance, but I did not inform myself about one aspect, because I was sure that I knew exactly what it was.

When I read, “There’s a world ranking system for The Division 2,” I knew what it would be like:

The World Rankings In The Division 2 I Have Imagined Quite Differently

In The Endgame of The Division 2 there would be different “rank” levels, actually levels of difficulty – similar to the “Grandmaster” systems in Anthem or the torment levels in Diablo 3.

I thought world ranks are like Diablo 3 or Anthem

A single step would certainly keep me busy for a long time:

  • I would do the same content for a long time as I would normal leveling
  • And laboriously farming gear until I’m strong enough to advance to the next world rankings
  • Then it would start again
  • That would mean hours of standard content farming
  • At least that’s what I thought, without any further information.

So it really is: In fact, rank in The Division corresponds actually only three missions and 50 Gear Points.

It’s all about establishing a “base” – one of each of the campaign’s 3 “End Missions” is also an “endpoint” of world ranking, in a new release.

To unlock the base, you have to run two specific “group contents” beforehand and get some gear.

World rank 4 in about 14 hours

That’s the way it is in practice: In fact, the ascent through the world rankings in the group is fast. Even with random players, I’ve flipped through the contents without any problem:

  • I spent about 3 or 4 hours on a world stage, I did not hurry too fast
  • ” ran a few random instances to farm gear
  • Then targeted into two new main missions via the direct group search
  • And I then rangemacht to the base – even in the group.

Since matchmaking in The Division is fast, there is little downtime between missions. Big reasons to reach the maximum level 450 to play other content I could not find.

In the group on “normal”, the bases and main missions are not a big deal – unlike the solo game, where I did very hard at the end of the normal campaign.

Equipment is in abundance anyway in The Division 2 anyway.

Only at 450, you have to think properly about what you equip and which sets and rolls you want to set – at least I play like that. At 450, I will also begin to engage in hunter masks looking for exotics.

So I liked that: I found the world rank now clearly “linear”, as I thought this in advance.

In itself, I have no problem with the scheme – I had just expected something else under the term “world ranking”.

Actually, world rank 1 to 4 is only short stopovers, on the way to the actual endgame. That comes with world rank 5 so soon.

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