Niantic Apparently Shot The Photo Mode In Pokémon GO On April 1st

Niantic Apparently Shot The Photo Mode In Pokémon GO On April 1st

Niantic apparently shot the photo mode in Pokémon GO on April 1st. In Pokémon GO you will not only get the chance on Color Eagle but also on a special Pikachu in a hat with the feature “GO Snapshot”. Some players report on Reddit – is where the 1st of April?

Which Pokémon is there now?

Players report that now a Pikachu with Ash cap jumps into the photo. So it’s no longer just color hate to get the feature “GO snapshot”, but also this special Pikachu.

This Pikachu with the hat has been around for a short time. Now, players who do not yet own this Pikachu have the chance of this form.

In addition, the first players report about the dazzling shape of Pikachu with this hat. It’s the first time to catch Shiny with this hat.

Update 1 April: Pikachu has arrived in Germany. Again, there is the dazzling shape of this event Pokémon. There is still the chance of 5 Pikachu on the whole day.

In addition, not only Pikachu jumps on the picture, but also his trainer Ash. This is shown by some screenshots.

This is known so far about this change

How did the whole thing stand out? A player from New Zealand reported on Reddit from this catch. Numerous other players also try it out and confirmed the whole thing.

It is striking, however, that only players who are already April 1, catch a Pikachu. All other players continue to receive Color Eagle.

The suspect player: The assumption is obvious that Pikachu with hat as “photo bomber” with the April 1 is related. Niantic is known for such pranks.

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So they changed all the Pokémon icons in the game in the last year. Then very poorly animated and you hardly recognize anything.

It could well be that they plan something again this year. A Pikachu, which jumps into the picture, is quite possible. So far, however, Niantic did not comment.

That’s why this prank is well worth it:

The prank in the last year of 2018 was rather funny, but not really useful. But this year, 2019, you can take advantage of the prank.

If you do not already have Pikachu with this hat, you can secure it and add it to your collection. In addition, the Pikachu is also available as Shiny. So you get the chance for a Shiny from the photo function for the first time.

Will that work for me too?

In Germany, it is not yet possible. If it really is an April prank, then we should be ready at midnight. If German players already report on the find of Pikachu, we will update the article.

So far it said that you get 5 Pikachu per day. Whether this limited to April 1 remains to seen.

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