That’s Why UNO Recently Overtook Fortnite On Twitch

That's Why UNO Recently Overtook Fortnite On Twitch

That’s why UNO recently overtook Fortnite on Twitch. The patch 8.20 caused a radical change in Fortnite. For some streamers around Twitch-Star Ninja the patch is even so bad that they prefer playing Uno instead of Fortnite. In the short term, Uno became even more popular than Fortnite on Twitch.

That’s Why UNO Recently Overtook Fortnite On Twitch

This patch is about: The patch 8.20 caused a stir in Fortnite. So Fortnite changed the rules in the game, whereby aggressive gameplay is not rewarded as much as in recent weeks.

For example, if you eliminate an opponent, you will not be able to live anymore and you will have to farm more materials again.

For many professionals, this is a big and, above all, bad change. They can not train properly anymore, because the rules for tournaments are no longer available in the normal mode of Fortnite.

You can not train properly anyway, so why not just play something else?

That’s how the UN hype came about:

In protest against the Fortnite patch and out of jokes, streamers like Ninja played UNO rather than Fortnite on one evening. Also, Ninja’s streamer friends like TimTheTatman or CouRage were present at the round.

Since it was about money and the streamer diligently applied the stream on social media, quite a hype arose at that moment.

The followers watched and in the short term, UNO was even able to overtake Fortnite on Twitch.

In the end, there was a settlement who won and lost a lot. Since TimTheTatman looks like the clear winner.

I hate UNO. @timthetatman @Ninja @BasicallyIDoWrk – Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (@CouRageJD) March 30, 2019

This annoys the pros on patch 8.20

Therefore, it is better to play Uno: For many professionals, it is almost impossible to train for upcoming tournaments.

The tournament rules, with which the professionals want to train for the 30 million US dollar World Cup, are currently only available in the new Arena mode of Fortnite.

There you have to wait forever in the lobby and for the pros, there is a lot of time lost – should their viewers watch them while waiting?

Alternatively, the streamer can play the normal mode of Fortnite. But there are different rules and you can not properly prepare for upcoming tournaments.

What has been changed?

The latest patch changed a lot of the game. So there are the following changes in normal mode:

  • There are no more life or shield points for kills
  • Farming building materials takes much longer, as there are 40% fewer resources in mining
  • Eliminated enemies no longer bring 50/50/50 building materials
  • The limit of building materials has been raised from 500 to 999

Playing becomes so much more passive again. So far, it has been worth aggressively attacking the opponents, because you got it yes life points. This does not exist anymore.

Similarly, casual players are annoyed, because the farming of materials takes much longer again.

How does Epic react?

A correct reaction to the complaints does not exist yet. In the past, however, Epic responded to such strong criticism and withdrew the change.

For many professional players that would be important, because the next Fortnite tournament for $ 30 million is already in 2 weeks.

Update 22:40 clock: Meanwhile, the Twitter account has reported from Uno and Fortnite said that they could take their time to take back the patch.

They are obviously enjoying their popularity boost.

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