The Division 2 Has A 5th Faction And The Players Do Not Realize It

The Division 2 Has A 5th Faction And The Players Do Not Realize It

The Division 2 has a 5th faction and the players do not realize it. In The Division 2 there are really only four fractions. But a developer has now revealed that there is actually still a fifth faction: The players are not at all noticeable. Because they are tutorial opponents of the hyenas, which are later exchanged for the stronger version.

That’s the 5th faction: The Division 2 actually has a 5th faction. At Ubisoft, they have been called the “Tutorial Hyenas” or the “Simply Hyenas”.

The hyenas are apocalyptic tech freaks on a green drug.

Hyenas are the “simple hyenas”, but they are less able than the “true hyena fraction.” They do not have “complex behavioral patterns.”

What is the idea behind it?

This is a tutorial faction that only occurs in the first missions of the game. Players are given “very light” opponents who act more primitive than the right hyenas. As a result, the players should first get inside The Division and familiarize themselves with the game.

What happens to the simple hyenas?

The faction “hidden” – it should not noticeable to the players that they fight here against “Tutorial opponents”.

The “Simple Hyenas” exchanged after the first missions and fights against the “real hyenas” and the player not even notice that in the ideal case. The new hyenas then use more complex attack patterns and the faction traits of the “right hyenas.”

Tutorial hyenas are the answer to change in the fractions

Why does Massive do that? In The Division 1, the adversary faction grew stronger over time: the initial “rioters” were weak in complexity and also remained the “weakest faction” – beyond the game. Rioters were tactically ill-advised. They used more primitive technology and simpler strategies.

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The adversary faction and their behavior grew with The Division 1 with the players and were getting stronger and more sophisticated. The disadvantage that in the endgame the “weaker” factions barely appeared, but only the “Last Man Battalion” used to put players in front of a challenge.

In The Division 2, all normal factions should act differently,

5th faction and the players:

But the players demand similar – in the endgame then comes with the “Black Tusk” an advanced faction. The advantage of this system is that in the final game of The Division 2, the agents can now compete against all factions and thus variety arises – except, of course, against the “simple hyenas”, which is only in the beginning. Where does the information come from? At the developer conference GDC, AI expert Drew Rechner held a talk.

In 2019 he did a follow-up talk and now explains what has changed in The Division 2 and how Massive has improved the AI . The talk called “Sequelitis: Creating Combat NPCs for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.”

He did that for The Division as early as 2018 and presented there how the “artificial intelligence” behaves – so why the opponents do what they do.

The German site PcGamesHardware has listened to the talk and reported it.

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