In The Division 2, There Is A SHD Laptop That Is Easily Overlooked

In The Division 2, There Is A SHD Laptop That Is Easily Overlooked

In The Division 2, there is a SHD laptop that is easily overlooked. Some players are desperate to find SHD-Tech in The Division 2. Some suspect a bug. But it could also be due to a hidden laptop that is easily overlooked and hides 5 SHD tech.

What is SHD-tech?

SHD-Tech is needed to unlock skill variants and perks in the Operations Base at the Quartermaster. You can find it in certain containers that are scattered throughout the game world.

To activate them and make them visible on the map, you first have to activate certain laptops. These can be found in the safe houses of the respective neighborhoods.

That’s the problem: many players think that they have already found all the containers. Finally, they did all the missions, grazing everything on the map. Nevertheless, they lack skill.

Behind it is often suspected a bug. But the solution is probably easier, because a SHD laptop can be overlooked quite easily.

On Reddit the user EditedRed has posted the solution. In addition, Discord-User C_H_O_S_E_N pointed this out to us.

The campus has a hidden SHD laptop

This could solve the SHD problem for you: If you also have the problem with missing SHD tech, you should visit the campus settlement.

There is a SHD laptop, which is located a bit out of the way and is not displayed on your map.

How to find the laptop:

  • Go to the dealer of the campus
  • On the left, there is a passage between the containers
  • Follow the passage to the end
  • There is a box with a laptop, which holds the information ready for you.
  • Now you should see the remaining SHD containers on the map.

Many do not realize that there is a laptop at all

Why do many overlook the laptop? The reasons are quite simple:

  • At first, the laptop is not marked on the map. In addition, the laptops, as mentioned above, actually found in safe houses.
  • In the area of the campus, however, there is no safe house. Therefore, most people have assumed that there is no laptop.
  • How the community reacts: Many players were already desperate and assumed a bug or display error that prevents them from finding the rest of the SHD tech.

But for many, it actually turned out that it was the missing laptop. EditedRed’s Reddit post now has a gold badge, many have responded gratefully, like User DamageG0D:

I’ve completed every mission, every side mission, opened every SHD container, even unlocked the 4 secret containers at the White House, and unlocked every perk and skill except one. All I missed was the 5 SHD tech for the last skill! And then you came with it, my hero and savior!

Source: Reddit

Many other players thank you for that. Some still complain that they are missing SHD-Tech.

Thus, some SHD containers are in mission areas and apparently can only be found during these missions. So you should pay close attention to your surroundings when you are in mission areas.

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