New Blackout Map For Black Ops 4 Coming Tomorrow – You Must Know That

New Blackout Map For Black Ops 4 Coming Tomorrow - You Must Know That

New blackout map for Black Ops 4 is coming tomorrow – you must know that. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 confirms a new map for their Battle Royale Blackout mode. You will land in Alcatraz and fight against zombie inmates.

What is a map? So far, there is only one blackout map, but Call of Duty is down. With “Alcatraz” comes a completely new game world, which brings you to the famous prison island off San Francisco.

This new map is playable starting tomorrow and brings among other things again zombies with it, which were once inmates and now attack you mercilessly.

You know that about the map “Alcatraz”

It was already known: already a few days ago fans speculated about this prison island. There it was still said that the island should belong to the standard map of the blackout.

Now you know that it will be a completely unique map. With the suggestion that it would be Alcatraz, the fans will be right.

Who is allowed to play? So far the map was only announced for PlayStation 4 players. Other platforms are to follow. Starting tomorrow, but only the PS4 players ran.

What do you know about the map? On the YouTube channel Call of Duty, the developers released a video about the map:

There you can see that the map is relatively small when the trailer shows the actual size. It seems to be happening only on the island. So you will fight between the buildings and watchtowers, but also in the cell blocks.

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These places are already known: Connoisseurs should also discover locations from the zombie maps “Mob of the Dead” and “Blood of the Dead”, which are also on Alcatraz.

How many people are allowed to play?

About the number of participants per round is still not known. Since the map will be quite small, the number of participants should be lower than on the previous blackout map.

This is free: To ensure the new map is properly celebrated, Treyarch announced that all PS4 players will have free access to blackout mode until April 30th. This applies from the release of the new map.

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