Streamer xQc Does Not Find Overwatch April Fool’s Joke Escalating On Twitch

Streamer xQc Does Not Find Overwatch April Fool's Joke Escalating On Twitch

Streamer xQc does not find Overwatch April Fool’s joke escalating on Twitch. An April Fool’s joke brings the streamer and former Overwatch -Profi xQc on the palm. Apparently, he does not like to embody Reinhardt in the Overwatch-Chat and gets a tantrum live in the Twitch-Stream.

This is how xQc freaks out:

In a ranked match on Volskaya Industries, the team of former Dallas Fuel player xQc is currently executing the second attack. The first point can still be taken just as the second fails the team then.

The problem is a Hanzo on the side of the defenders. He sets his kite so well that the final attack on xQc and his team is wiped out. They can not get to the point in time and can not take it anymore.

xQc is so annoyed by the opposing Hanzo that he writes several things in the chat and asks his own chat on Twitch. Apparently, this Hanzo plays him “too good” for not knowing his name.

The problem is: xQc is on the way with Reinhardt, and the Blizzard April joke sounds like nothing that xQc typed in Rage sounds ridiculous.

The Stormer’s temperament boils over and he hits the table forcefully before switching the light back on in his room and pretending that nothing has happened.

That’s what April Fool’s Day brings: Shortly before xQc’s match, Blizzard activated April Fool’s Joke in Overwatch for 2019. This causes Reinhardt players to “scream” all the texts they write in the general match chat.

Each text typed in capslock, so in capital letters. Each sentence ends with three exclamation points and an iconic saying like

  • HOLY COW!!!

However, the phrases only come when Reinhardt is played to better portray his effervescent nature. But apparently, xQc did not quite get along with it.

What’s wrong with xQc? Former Overwatch pro-Félix “xQc” Lengyel known for such dislocations. After his expulsion from the Overwatch League, he actually intended to never touch Overwatch again.

After some streams of other games, in which sometimes his mother sneaked and brought him “secretly” food, Overwatch but seems to the game to which he returns again and again.

He sees himself, according to a statement of the past, the blame for his behavior not with him. He describes himself as the “child of the Twitch chat.”