The New Weapon In Fortnite Is For Anyone Who Can Not Aim

The New Weapon In Fortnite Is For Anyone Who Can Not Aim

The new weapon in Fortnite is for anyone who can not aim. The Boom Bow in Fortnite is here and players love the new weapon right now. Especially for players who can not aim very well, the bow is ideal.

Here’s the bow: The boom bow has been added with the latest content update 8.20 . The weapon shoots explosive arrows that explode at the first touch.

So it works like a small rocket launcher, is only much faster and causes less damage. The players love the bow now and it looks like the gun will become a new darling.

That’s why the boom bow is so cool

This is how the bow works: Like a normal bow, you have to first tighten the string of the bullet. The more tension is built up, the further the arrow flies.a

A blue animation shows the trajectory of the arrow and helps you to aim.

That’s a big advantage: Since the arrow of the weapon explodes with every touch, you do not have to hit your opponent directly. It is enough if the arrow lands slightly next to the opponent.

So you do not have to aim very well to eliminate the opponents. An arrow is enough, which lands just next to the opponent.

So is the comparison with the rocket launcher: Since the new weapon is also explosive, you can compare the bow well with the RPG, so the rocket launcher.

  • The bow is much faster to reload and the arrows are faster in the air than a rocket
  • The RPG causes significantly more damage. With an arrow, no direct hit usually only inflicts some damage to the opponent, which is different from a rocket

There is one drawback: no matter how good the bow, the weapon is not recommended in melee combat because if you are in the blast radius of the arrow yourself, you lose 100 lives. You should, therefore, pay close attention to where you are shooting in close combat.

What do players say about this? A majority of the players are enthusiastic about the new bow. Many players already shared videos of their gameplay with the bow.

The Reddit Users’ Mr_Fortnut “even shared a video that shows that you can also shoot with the bow, without being seen.

Bow can shoot through pyramids without enemies seeing you from FortNiteBR

“PancakeSam_,” writes to the new weapon: “So far I like the new weapon. But how could I not? An explosive bow? That’s totally cool! ”

What do you think of the new bow? Are you a fan or do you prefer other weapons?

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