Bungie Goes For It – In Destiny 2, Cheaters Soon Get Choked

Bungie Goes For It - In Destiny 2, Cheaters Soon Get Choked

Bungie goes for it – In Destiny 2, cheaters soon get choked. Bungie has announced a harsher crackdown on cheaters in the last TWaB. Players using Aimbots in Destiny 2 are currently the target of the developers.

Bungie wants to crack it down:

In the last “This Week at Bungie” blog, you got news about the Destiny 2 security response team. The members of this team take care of possible fraud in the game and inform the guardians about possible problems.

TWaB focused on two key areas:

Aimbots vs Macros and players with connectivity issues. Cheaters not welcome: It is important to developers that people with disabilities can use accessibility features. As an example, a simple automation macro specified.

That’s why Bungie also addressed the issue of titanium skating on the pc in-game rather than penalizing guardians using such automation tools. Titanium skating became a problem on the PC because players could use macros to pace their titans, which was impossible for non-macro users. In PvP and Raid Speedruns this was already causing trouble.

For Bungie, however, there is a border between macros and Aimbots.

Therefore, the developers are currently in the process of locking PC players who would use in Destiny 2 Aimbots. The defeat of opponents, whether AI enemies or other players, should always be due to their own ability.

Warnings effective: Bungie also announced that 90% of players who received a bad network connection warning in the past no longer attracted by a bad connection. In December, the developers started an initiative to distribute warnings and restrictions to players with a bad connection.