Destiny 2: Weekly Reset On 02.04. – New Activities And Challenges

Destiny 2: Weekly Reset On 02.04. - New Activities And Challenges

Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 02.04. – New activities and challenges. At Destiny 2 today, on 02.04., Weekly Reset. The weekly activities are revolving through. The twilight strikes are changing, there are fresh challenges and also the Flashpoint is new. What else is there to do for the Guardians?

This brings the new week: Destiny 2 breaks a new week, but this time a little later than usual. Because of the time change, the weekly reset now takes place immediately at 19:00 clock.

The new week also brings an innovation for the guardians. Gambit Prime can now be played in private matches. Furthermore, all Prime cards are now available.

In addition, the Possessed Curse rotates into its third week. If you want to play the Broken Throne or get the Exotic Bow of Desire, you have the opportunity this week.

Twilight Strikes from 02.04. on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

At Nightfall you have the choice between the following three twilight strikes:

  • Guardian of Nothingness
  • Terminus of insight
  • Exodus crash

A power level of 540 is recommended for this, but in the group, you can easily master that as well. With modifiers from the challenge card, you can change your experience as needed. Keep in mind that your loadout will be blocked for the duration of the nightfall.

Here’s an overview of the Nightfall-specific bonuses, which you get with some luck exclusively from the twilight strikes

For Mighty Rewards from the Twilight Strikes, you must:

  • successfully complete a nightfall
  • master nightfall with at least 100,000 points

Strikes and story missions

The modifiers on the Vanguard Strikes and heroic story missions are identical. The following modifiers are currently active:


  • Iron: Enemies have more health and do not waver on the damage suffered
  • Heavyweight: Power weapons cause more damage and more ammo is available
  • The scorching element remains unchanged until the next Weekly Reset. The other modifiers, on the other hand, rotate daily.

For mighty rewards from strikes and heroic missions, you must:

Complete 3 heroic story missions

Complete 3 heroic strikes with a focus on the same Light element as a member of your squad

Melting pot, gambit, billing

In PvP you have this week the choice between the following modes:

  • Quickplay
  • Competitively
  • Breakthrough
  • Rumble
  • Private Match
  • These are the modifiers in billing:
  • Solar scorching
  • Friction
  • Heavyweight

For Mighty Awards from PvP, Gambit, and Billing, you must:

  • Cover 5 Crucible Matches
  • 3 Gambit matches contest
  • 4 Gambit Prime matches
  • Successfully complete billing runs (up to 100%)

The vagabonds can be found in the extension of the tower. There you will get weekly raids for Gambit-Prime as well as “Mach schon” for the regular Gambit-Modus. For this you will be rewarded with a powerful loot.

Escalation protocol

Escalation Protocol on Mars gives you the chance this week to:

  • Destiny 2 IKELOS Sniper
  • the legendary sniper rifle IKELOS_SSG_v1.0.1
  • Flashpoint, Ada-1, Petra, Spider, Raid

The Flashpoint is in the whirlpool of the reef this week. If you complete the marked heroic adventure there, there will be additional powerful loot.

Ada-1 offers powerful weapon forms for the pulse rifle, sword and machine gun.

Ikora Rey will grant you a Mighty Reward if you complete 20 any foray. In addition, you will also receive the Loyalty Bonus from Ikora if you have chosen the Vanguard. Otherwise you have to get this reward from the vagabond.

Hawthorne lets Mighty Loot jump when you’ve collected 5,000 Clan XP. She also has the Bounties ” Strength of Remembrance ,” ” Stay Done ,” and “Friends?” Bounties to earn extra Mighty Rewards.

Petra Venj can be found in the Rheasilvia area of the Dreaming City. You will receive from her a Mighty Reward mission. If you also master the Ascendant Challenge and the 8 daily forays, there are two additional Great Rewards on top. Currently the 1st Ascendant Challenge is active.

Spider offers the weekly foray ” blood cleavage “. If you master this bounty, there’s Mighty Loot.

The Raid Challenge takes place in the pleasure gardens.

The loadout for the Prestige Raid sections :

  • a kinetic shotgun
  • an automatic rifle in the energy slot
  • a rocket launcher in the power slot

Modifier: Gladiator

The highlights of the Eververse :

  • A weapon ornament for the service offense
  • The Gauntlets of the New Armor Sets
  •   ” exotic ship “Rose and Bones”
  •   ” exotic Sparrow “skeleton SL-19”

Stay Tuned For More Updates