Fans Report: Random Players In The Division 2 Can Be Annoying

Fans Report: Random Players In The Division 2 Can Be Annoying

Fans report: Random players in The Division 2 can be annoying. Interaction with a random team is not easy in most games. Now two fans report from their experiences in The Division 2 and get a lot of approval. Randoms can be so annoying.

What is the problem? Two players report sub-stats by The Division 2 on incidents with random players.

While the user GOTPOTENTBUD was thrown out of the group by his 3 teammates, Benderanomalous gets annoyed with other players who call for reinforcements, but then just stand around absent-mindedly.

To be kicked by clans? May occur

The criticized GOTPOTENTBUD: The user tells about how he played with a random group a base. The post has meanwhile (conditions: 2.4, 16:57) over 1,400 Upvotes.

Just spent my time in a daily, challenging base and was kicked by a “clan” just before the end after voting. Probably to let a friend join. Someone who is not afk and does a lot of work for the team should NOT be kicked out.

Source: Reddit

In addition, he writes that he obviously had to bring his team through and revived them several times.

This is how the community reacts: More than 300 fans respond to the post and some describe similar experiences.

So the user Nightwing__x writes: “Yes if I see 3 people in my mission who are in the same clan, I just leave them behind. They are usually so toxic. ”

  • But many think clans should not be scrapped. The majority of the Clans certainly should not be as bad as on the case. Generally it is worthwhile to play in a clan , even without such actions.
  • There were also some members of clans who swore never to do that.
  • In addition, the system also brings many benefits, as it allows players who are simply absent, remove without problems from the group. At least mostly.
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So-called AFK players can still be a problem, as the next case shows.

Reinforcement call, despite the absence

The criticized Benderanomalous: The next story seems to repeat much more frequently and affect more players. The post has (as of 4:16:57) over 2500 upvotes.

Stop calling reinforcements if you do not actually do anything. It wastes the time of people who just want to help.

Source: Reddit

More than 700 people responded to this post and commented on it, prompting the user to make a call: “I feel like I hit a nerve. I just do it, people – call reinforcements, if necessary, put down the call when you’re done and keep going. It’s really not difficult and everyone can either play alone or try to help. ”

How the community reacts:

  • Many know the problem and are annoyed about it as well. They agree with Benderanomalous’s request and would like players to use this search feature properly.
  • A possible reason for the problem is the user beastking9 in that people call for reinforcement, complete a mission or something similar, then leave the screen and often leave the call function activated.
  • Some players therefore require a timeout of the reinforcement call. Once a mission is completed, the player search should simply be disabled. That would probably avoid many such cases.

Overall, you have to be unlucky enough to get into such situations more often. Mostly the voting function is more helpful than annoying and the reinforcement calls are also useful for many players.

A little fine tuning here and there could tolerate the system, however, because the players agree.

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