Hearthstone Loses More Cards Than Ever – Will Game Too Expensive?

Hearthstone Loses More Cards Than Ever - Will The Game Be Too Expensive?

Hearthstone loses more cards than ever – Will the game be too expensive? Hearthstone is simply too expensive for many fans. In addition, this time as many cards flies out as never before.

The year 2019 for Hearthstone will be exciting. Because of the card game inevitably some big changes, which will not only provide the players with joy.

Hearthstone has never lost so many cards

With the launch of the first expansion in 2019 Hearthstone fly out of the 2017 extensions. This means that cards from “Knights of the Frost Throne”, “Goblins & Catacombs” and “Journey to Un’goro” can no longer be played in Standard Mode. In the future, they will only be available in “wild” game mode.

Hearthstone players lose more cards than ever before in the history of the game. So far, in addition to the “big” extensions namely smaller and smaller adventures have flown out, which contained fewer cards and were comparatively cheaper to buy.

2017 is the first year in which three pure “card extensions” retire – a pool of 405 cards. Not all of them have been briskly played, but those who have built up a proud collection in recent years now lose nearly a third of all their playable cards.

This meanwhile annual loss feeling is sobering and not a nice experience for players.

Change is important, but the price is too high

Although the change in the standard format is quite necessary to keep the game mode fresh, Blizzard presents this annual fresh start not convincing. Because no matter how you look at it, at the beginning of every year it’s not just the anticipation of new cards and decking opportunities, but also the ever-increasing price.

If you want to have a good deal of the cards of a new set, with which you can also make decks and have some room for crafting cards, you have to spend at least 100 € – and this every 4 months, because there are so many extensions 130 new cards.

With the abolition of the adventures, which were for almost 20 €, the “recovery phase” is missing in one year. Basically, you are asked every 3 months properly to check out. Because those who do not buy 80 or more packs will find it hard to keep up in the first few weeks and months. Playing with “old” cards and gambling stale decks while being flattened by the cool new cards is simply not fun.

Sure, there’s a small percentage of players who can handle “Free2Play” completely, and simply collect 5000-7000 gold between expansions to buy their packs “for free”.

But that does not apply to the many players who play Hearthstone only occasionally.

Sometimes in the train, sometimes after a lecture or sometimes two laps in the evening on the PC. These players are finding it harder and harder to find fun that does not have to be expensive to buy. And if the basic game does not bring a minimum of fun, there is little motivation to invest money.

Or to put it in a nutshell: In the current state, even a subscription model, where you simply get all the current cards temporarily for 15 € per month would be a better deal than the current sales practice.

Hearthstone is not necessarily “Pay2Win”, but in the last few years has definitely taken a significant step towards “Pay4Fun” – a path many players will certainly not follow.

How do you see this whole issue? Do you hear Hearthstone as too expensive and can understand, as more and more players lose their appetite? Or is it logical that you have to pay for a Free2Play game regularly? Or do you collect all cards only with gold?

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