New Patch Has Changed The Map Of Fortnite Today

New Patch Has Changed The Map Of Fortnite Today

A new patch has changed the map of Fortnite today – This is new. In Fortnite is now available in Dusty Divot a new excavation site. This time, the stones are much more stable, but it is already digging diligently.

This is new: Players have now found a new site on the map of Fortnite: Battle Royale after today’s 8.20 update on April 2nd. The trucks and diggers stand around a huge hole filled with stones. The dot is in the middle of Dusty Divot. Approximately in the middle of F5 / F6 and G5 / G6.

The stones have a billion life points and are vulnerable. But only with the harvesting tool. Fortnite players are now busy beating the stones with pickaxes. Each strike inflicts 50 damage to the stone. That’s not much, but an estimated ten of thousands of players are knocking on it at the same time. You can watch the health indicator while sinking.

At least 7 of these stones are currently still in the hole. What’s behind it is the big secret that drives gamblers to knock on the rocks for hours. At one point, a piece of the meteor has been found, which has to do with Season 4 in Fortnite.

Update: The second secret of the dig was released. You can see an anchor there.

There was such an excavation site: Only last week, players found such an excavation site near the desert biome. Players also knocked down the heavy stones and found a skeleton, a teddy bear and a geyser underneath. Behind the new location, players now expect a bigger revelation.

What do the players say? In the community, one still hopes that a big story behind it. The geyser in the first archaeological site was connected to the new volcano. Fortnite’s map may well change again as a result of the digging, players speculate.

A few days ago, players already found evidence of such a dig in Dusty Divot in Fortnite code. That caused quite a stir on Reddit.

How long does the excavation take? There are still more than a handful of stones in the place that needs to be smashed. It is believed that in the evening hours of April 2, most of the gone and then it turns out what is hidden under the stones.

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