Pokémon GO: A Safari Zone 2019 Will Take Place In Dortmund

Pokémon GO: A Safari Zone 2019 will take place in Dortmund

Pokémon GO: A Safari Zone 2019 will take place in Dortmund. In Pokémon GO many players hope for a safari zone in Dortmund. An appointment in the event calendar of the Westfalenpark suggests such an event.

Why is there this hope? Niantic announced they would announce the locations for this year’s safari zones on April 4th.

Now there is also a contribution in a flyer to the Dortmund Westfalenpark. There is an event in the summer, which sounds suspiciously like a safari zone.

Update 19:30 clock: Meanwhile, a picture has emerged, which is to show a logo for a GO party in Dortmund. Maybe there is no safari zone in Dortmund, but a GO party. This was only available in Chicago.

So the chances are for a safari zone in Dortmund

What does the flyer show? There stands for the 04.-07. July an event in the Westfalenpark. This event is to take place with limited access regulations.

For many players, this sounds like the safari zone because already in 2018 you were allowed to enter this park only limited and the event also went on for several days.

What speaks for Dortmund? The community in Germany is huge. Only Japan and the US have more players than Germany. Since it is only logical that the developers also plan such an event in Germany.

In addition, the Westfalenpark in Dortmund is already known by Niantic. Already in 2018, it went very well there and in 2019 it could be repeated here.

Then we’ll learn more: Niantic will announce their summer tour for 2019 in just two days, April 4th. There we will find out if Dortmund or another German city will be there.

There is also another theory about the safari zone

Some players also consider it possible that Hamburg carries out a safari zone. A tweet from Niantic, showing a dancing kappalore in front of Hamburg’s city hall, speaks for itself.

How likely is a safari zone in Hamburg? It’s interesting that Niantic took Hamburg as the backdrop to such a picture. That they had the idea with the safari zone in mind, is quite possible.

So write to the picture “Kappalores! Where are you dancing again? Can you help us, coach? “. Maybe they want to dissolve this “riddle” on 4 April and introduce Hamburg as a city for the safari zone.

In addition, Hamburg offers good. It has large parks and offers enough space for thousands of players who would come to the city.

What is more likely? The hints at the Dortmund safari zone are definitely clearer. The developers may also plan an event in both cities. This remains to be seen.

What is a safari zone? This event always takes place at a specific location. There you can always catch a regional Pokémon and numerous Shinys. Last year there was such an event in Dortmund. The next safari zone takes place in Singapore.

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