The Division 2 Is, According To fans, “The Only Shooter With Weak Shotguns”

The Division 2 Is, According To fans,

The Division 2 is, according to fans, “the only shooter with weak shotguns” In The Division 2 , many players are hoping for a shotgun buff. Overall, the shotgun for a shooter unusually weak.

The fans criticize this: in a Reddit post from Chaoxytal, which now has over 2000 upvotes, there is a lively discussion about the shotguns in The Division 2.

Many players agree that these are too weak, especially at higher levels of difficulty. Not only the damage is criticized, but also the range.

The only shooter with weak shotguns?

The user writes: Chaoxytal writes in his post that The Division 2 is the only shooter he can think of, in which shotguns are too weak.

Crazy, right? Usually, people complain about [overpower] shotguns in any modern shooter like Battlefield, Call of Duty, or even Destiny (especially Destiny), but in this game (and a bit in 1st Division), shotguns are kind of disappointing.

Source: Reddit

For a game that was largely about covering up, he would not think of situations right now in which to use shotguns.

With shotguns, you have to get so close to the opponents that you are surrounded directly by opponents. Actually, it’s the perfect panic weapon you pull out when your opponents get too close for assault rifles and LMGs.

But even for this role, the shotgun is not good enough. “Just about every submachine gun I have fills this role better, even compared to the stronger shotguns.”

That’s a shame because shotguns in The Division 2 are actually great weapons that are really fun. Overall, they would play great, only the damage was simply not enough.

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Shotguns in shooters – really that strong?

That’s because of the assumption: The player is definitely not wrong. In the meantime, The Division 1 had a shotgun meta. At that time there was much criticism for it.

Later, they were among the strongest weapons in the PvE and PvP area.

Destiny 2 ended a shotgun meta at the end of February with an update.

Also in Black Ops 4, they are among the strongest weapons. In this respect, the player is not wrong when he says that it is unusual for shooters to demand a shotgun buff.

The Division 2 is probably an exception

This is how the community reacts: in over 300 comments, most of the other fans agree with the criticism.

Some like the user Nickinpdx do not even try to play with a shotgun. “I sell/disassemble them directly”.

cheeseguy3412 is also not a big fan of Schroflinten:

At high levels of difficulty you fight cement blocks and you are armed with toilet paper with a toothpick. At least I want a big toothpick and shotguns are just … not big enough.

Source: Reddit

Therefore, most agree that buffing the damage is necessary. At the moment, sniper rifles like the model 700 are much better, as they cause roughly the same damage, but they also do it from 100-meter distances.

For some, a mere buff of damage is not enough.

Many players would like that:

  • So some players find that the range of the shotguns should be adjusted, especially in view of the fact that you need to cover and the open melee is suicide
  • Others would even be satisfied with an increase in range, since they are satisfied with the damage
  • In addition, many would want a stronger bonus effect on shotguns. A concrete suggestion from User FF_Ninja would be a Stagger bonus, as in The Division 1 or additional damage against armor from opponents
  • Either way, most commentators agree that shotguns are too weak at the moment.
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What do you think about shotguns in The Division 2? Do you find it too weak?

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