Apex Legends Accidentally Enabled Feature That Was Not Planned

Apex Legends Accidentally Enabled Feature That Was Not Planned

Apex Legends accidentally enabled a feature that was not planned. After a rather chaotic patch in Apex Legends, there was also a feature that should not be active at all. The developers have already responded and deleted it, but the discussion about the feature has already begun.

Which feature is it?

With the patch on April 3, Respawn has brought a leaver penalty to Apex Legends, a penalty for players leaving early.

However, the implementation of the feature was not the intention at all and it only came about because of an error in the script. The patch also brought other problems with it, erasing all the progress of many players.

How does this punishment work?

Just as the punishment on the patch worked, leavers should be punished after three failed matches:

  • Who leaves three matches early, gets five minutes of suspension.
  • That was true only if her teammates could still revive her.
  • Anyone who was completely killed but could still be taken to one of the resuscitation beacons received a penalty.
  • The match could only be safely left when the timer had expired.
  • Incidentally, the punishment did not work when the team was not full. So only the first Leaver was punished.

So the feature arrived: Respawn published the message about the feature and its removal on Reddit. There, fans also talked about the punishment, although other topics such as a better system against cheaters are more prominent.

The feature itself was well received, despite its unfinished state. The user aki5 writes:

To be honest, the leaver penalty helps to contain the spambots, since they are already leaving the game before the round starts. Please, also harsher penalties for repeat offenders.

When does the punishment come as a feature?

Respawn once again emphasized that the implementation was not intentional and therefore did not appear in the patch notes. An exact date for the release does not give it yet.

At the moment you are still testing and it is possible that the feature does not come at all. Even if it was already in the game, Respawn stressed earlier that even tested features are sometimes still discarded.