Borderlands 1 And 2 Are Currently On Steam, But It’s Not About Them

Borderlands 1 And 2 Are Currently On Steam, But It's Not About Them

Borderlands 1 and 2 are currently on Steam, but it’s not about them. Gearbox’s Borderlands games are currently badly rated on Steam. The review bombing began after it became known that Borderlands 3 will be released in the Epic Games Store at the time.

Why are the Borderlands games badly rated?

The Borderlands series has always been praised. These are very good loot shooters with a good dose of humor and lots of crazy ideas. And yet it currently hails bad reviews on Steam. Affected are Borderlands 1 , Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

If you read through these reviews, then it clearly shows that the fans of the game series with a review bombing their frustration run wild. And about the fact that Borderlands 3 will be published for six months exclusively in the Epic Games Store.

The players also do not shy away from insults and tinker about ASCII characters a stinky finger for Epic Games.

Exclusive deals are unpopular

What is the problem? Fans are finding the way Epic Games grabbing exclusive titles for the store far from good. For example, Metro: Exodus and Anno 1800 removed only about two weeks before Steam’s release. According to Tim Sweeney, Epic Games does not care if the studios have already entered into commitments with other platforms.

Players want the freedom to choose the platform they want to play on. Nobody wants to be “forced” to use a particular platform.

In addition, Epic Games even admitted that the launcher of the store reads data from users’ PCs. For example, the Steam library and friends list. And that, without the players having to give their consent. With such a software many do not want to anything to do.

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Therefore, they are annoyed that Borderlands 3 now be available for about six months on PC only through the Epic Games Store.

Gearbox probably cannot help it

How does Gearbox react? Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said only that Publisher 2K Games decides which platform a game will appear on. Gearbox is just the developer of the game.

If you want to complain, you should contact 2K Games.

Is this an isolated case? No. Already at the announcement of the exclusive deal regarding the shooter Metro: Exodus, there a review bombing of the other parts of the series. Even as it became known that Obsidian’s new role-playing game The Outer Worlds appeared exclusively on Epics Store on PC for a year, it hailed criticism.

Each time the developers were the victims, although the publishers negotiated the deal. Basically, we always see the same situation when a new game announced exclusively for the Epic Games Store, especially when it hotly anticipated.

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