No More Real PvP In Destiny 3? That’s What Bungie Says About Rumors

No More Real PvP In Destiny 3? That's What Bungie Says About Rumors

No more real PvP in Destiny 3? That’s what Bungie says about the rumors. The rumors about Destiny 3 are currently simmering. Many fans were worried that the next serial offshoot could do without traditional PvP. Now Bungie has commented on the rumors.

These rumors are about:

In the last days, there was a lot of wind around Destiny 3. First, a leak on the platform 4chan has spawned numerous new rumors about the Destiny 2 successor on Reddit. Also from the well-known Destiny-Leaker AnonTheNine, there were some new Infoschnipsel.

Both Leaks are talking about Destiny offering 3 Open World territories where there will be PvEvP gameplay – a kind of open PvP in conjunction with PvE. The 4chan leak also speaks in this context of PvP faction wars and battle for territory.

Many fans now had the fear that In Destiny 3 there might be no more traditional PvP in the crucible format.

That’s what Bungie says: Even though the studio seldom or ever voices such rumors, it has now been done. Because on Reddit thousands of nervous fans in numerous threads demanded clarity.

In a stream to the Bungie Bounty yesterday, on April 3, first the community manager DeeJ commented on the concerns of the fans.

He knew that there is currently much talk about the melting pot and there is a lot of speculation. But there are many members of the development team working on PvP and the future evolution of the Crucible every day and now.

He was aware that this statement raises millions of questions, but that’s a Bungie Bounty and not a Reveal stream. It was nothing that he could continue to do currently.

As sorry as it is to shuffle the players off with this statement – one would like to choose the right moment and the right people to deliver that message.

Later, the community manager dmg04 answered on Twitter: “I can confirm that the melting pot is not going anywhere.”

The PvP in its current crucible format should, therefore, remain the fans – even in a possible Destiny 3.

Why were the fans so nervous? These statements are now likely to have soothed many angry fanatics. But until yesterday the mood was still different.

Although neither of the two leaks has explicitly said that there will be no more traditional PvP in the crucible format. Anon TheNine had merely remarked that he did not know if anything was going to change from the crucible.

But that’s exactly what many fans had come to grips with from some of the rumor’s details as well as the general situation surrounding the melting pot.

Because the PvP gets in the eyes of many fans lately not enough love. There are hardly any innovations or substantial changes. Bungie’s communication about PvP and other crucible plans has also been meager for months.

In addition, there were the sudden departures of two well-known members of the Sandbox team, who was responsible among other things for the balance – also in the crucible.

Coupled with the rumors surrounding a suspected PvEvP focus in Destiny 3, many fans and PvP fans became nervous. They finally wanted to know if there was any room for them in Bungie’s plans for the future.

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