Red Dead Online: This Is How All Showdown Game Modes Work

Red Dead Online: This Is How All Showdown Game Modes Work

Red Dead Online: This is how all showdown game modes work. In Red Dead Online you have the choice between different PvP game modes like Most Wanted or Hostile Territory. Here we present you the showdown game modes of multiplayer mode of RDR 2 here.

For entertainment in Red Dead Online, there are various PvP game modes in which you can let off steam alone with Randoms or with friends. Included are classic deathmatches, where you fight for the highest score, but also fights for place 1. These activities you can see on the map as showdown activities.

Here is an overview of the PvP game modes that are now active in the Red Dead Online beta. In addition to these competitive games, there are also other activities throughout the map, such as races or missions.

Shootout & Team Shootout

This is about the classic Deathmatch, which you already know from other shooters like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike or GTA Online. Anyone who dies comes back to the action after a short break and can cheerfully beat up again.

There is a time when both teams can earn points with kills. If there is a draw after the time has elapsed, it continues with a sudden-death decision. The next kill determines which team will be the winner.

To better distinguish the teams, they wear eye-catching colors on the clothes. On the minimap and the names of the opponents (over their heads) you will find these colors again. So you can easily tell if your friend or foe is in front of you.

Make It Count

The make-it-count mode in Red Dead Online is what many refer to as the Battle Royale. In principle, it is a last-man standing, in which the playing area is reduced. Running away and entrenching yourself far away is not possible.

The special thing about the mode are the weapons that you are allowed to use. There are currently Make It Count in two forms:

  • Do not use anything except a bow and a handful of arrows
  • or do not use anything except throwing knives
  • So only those weapons are available to fight against other players who survived last. You play with seven other
  • players together in this mode.

Gun rush

Gun Rush is also a Ballte Royale mode that even comes with a smaller and smaller map. As with other genre games, players must find weapons, armor, and items during the game.

The players are not thrown over the map, but start at the edge and have to work their way to the inside of the map, where the best weapons are waiting for them. Up to 32 players can play alone or in team mode.

We have a guide to the new PvP mode Gun Rush here for you .

Most Wanted

In Most Wanted game mode, it’s about fighting to the top as a single player. You do that by knocking out other players. Every kill improves your position. But there is also a twist. The closer you are to the top of the scoreboard, the more points your opponents will get if they knock you off.

After a kill you will then be shown how many points you get for the opponent.

Hostile Territory

Hostile Territory game mode requires teamwork. Because together with your allies, you should try to control the map. Collect points as you control areas. So, control as many areas as you can to win.

There are a handful of different areas per map that can be taken. These are marked in color on the minimap and in the interface. So you can find out quickly there. It’s up to you if you play it safe and only pick up a few areas, or you’re always on the move to capture as many areas as possible.

On the field you can find weapons or health packs.

Name Your Weapon

The game mode Name Your Weapon is about proving your skill in special weapons. Because the harder the handling of the weapon with which you achieve a kill, the more points there are. For example, a kill with a thrown Tomahawk brings more points than a down shot with a shotgun.

Finally, the winner is the one who scored the most points. So you have to decide if you’re going to try to kill with more complex weapons like bows and pick up good points, or if you prefer the usual shotgun, to earn points continuously.

Weapons are also distributed in this mode on the map.

Spoils of War

Spoils of War is a mode for 2 to 16 players in which the opponents start in their hideouts. Together with your team members, you must try to plunder the enemy hiding places and bring them to your own base.

The goal of this mode is to steal more than the opposing faction. However, not only do you have to rob your enemies but also defend your own hiding place.

Spoils of War is played on various cards, including Fort Mercer and Valentine.

Up in smoke

Up in Smoke, like Spoils of War, is also a hiding place. However, you do not have to steal anything here, but rather blow it up. All players start the mode with an explosive charge.

The goal is to bring as much explosives as possible to the enemy hiding place. Each time a player manages to place his explosive at the opposing camp, a piece of the hideout is destroyed. The team wins that the opponent’s hiding place flattened first.

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