WoW Boss Says: “We Should Have Focused On Fewer Features”

WoW Boss Says:

WoW, boss says: “We should have focused on fewer features” The Game Director of World of Warcraft admits mistakes. However, the WoW boss is also optimistic, because the next patch should do a lot better.

That’s the situation in WoW right now:

The current state of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is not the best. Many players are waiting eagerly for the patch 8.2, which should eliminate many problems and significantly improve the Blizzard MMORPG.

In the run-up to the update, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has given some interviews, commenting on critical points. The most exciting statements from the interviews are summarized here for you.

Battle for Azeroth wanted too many new systems:

In an interview with Buffed , Hazzikostas responded to many players’ feedback that the new systems did not feel good. Both island expeditions, the heart of Azeroth and war fronts were not well received by many players.

Hazzikostas attributes this to the fact that these features are not well connected.

Islands and warfronts felt “detached” from the rest of the gaming experience. At the same time, the failure of the heart of Azeroth, as an attempt to continue the artifact weapons, would have ensured that few would like islands or see any benefits in them. Because if the heart of Azeroth is not fun, then collecting artifact power is not.

Hazzikostas sums up that point by focusing better on one or two new features and making those features stronger. That’s what you want to consider in the future.

Blizzard hears the fans, just does not always answer:

A recurrent criticism is the communication of Blizzard. Often, developers are accused of not responding to feedback and ignoring it.

But that is not the case, says Hazzikostas. The team simply would not come up with ideas for solutions that are not completely satisfied internally.

Because then you would arouse hopes of the players, who are disappointed when a change does not come. But read the different forums diligently. Almost all discussions of the forums are also discussed in the development team.

Too little time in the beta had: In an interview with PCGamer Hazzikostas said that what fans had long suspected – one has spent too little time in the beta with some features.

Especially the system of Azerit traits on the equipment came much too late into the beta. Although they had already tested this internally, in “organic play”, when players level up to 120 and then play their game content every day, the feedback was much more negative. Had you had more time in beta, you could have reacted to it.

That’s what you want to fix with patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara . Then players will be able to unlock their Azerit traits on armor immediately, and the heart of Azeroth will be heavily overhauled.