At Noon Today, The Endgame Of The Division 2 Really Starts

At Noon Today, The Endgame Of The Division 2 Really Starts

At noon today, The Endgame of The Division 2 really starts. On the 5.4. comes the update Invasion: Battle for DC in The Division 2 . This brings some endgame features that really get you started.

That’s why the real endgame is just starting now: The first content update to The Division 2 brings the last base with Tidal Basin. In addition comes with world rank 5 the last world rank. This finally allows the agents to bring their equipment to its maximum.

With world rank 5 coming some new endgame features like 3 brand new gear sets or weekly invasions. These features were announced prior to release and are the last endgame content that is still missing. At least until the Raid and the 1st DLC episode comes.

When does the update start? At 9:30 am, the servers will go offline for about 3 hours for maintenance. During this period, the patch should appear. From 12:30 o’clock you should be able to play again, if everything goes according to plan, possibly even earlier.

Tidal Basin and World Rank 5

This is Tidal Basin, the last base: After completing the 3 bases during the campaign, the last base is Tidal Basin.

While the other 3 bases are each headquarters for the 3 factions of the Hyenas, Outcasts and True Sons, Tidal Basin is the base of the Black Tusk. This faction is especially dangerous and better equipped than the others. They appear when you’ve finished the story.

What exactly awaits us?

So far, there was no real gameplay by Tidal Basin. But this base is likely, like the others, to be a large-scale mission. It is a huge military base, which should be well prepared against intruders.

This happens when you finish Tidal Basin:

  • You climb from world rank 4 to world rank 5. That is the last world ranking for now. There you will again
  • expect better equipment, the new Gear score cap is then at 500.
  • World Rank 5 also has new gear sets. They are called True Patriot, Ongoing Directive and Hardwired. These
  • sets can fall from Black Tusk enemies into breakpoints and site invasions.
  • Weekly site invasions are unlocked. Each week, other missions and bases become invaded and site invasions
  • where you encounter Black Tusk.
  • The heroic level of difficulty will be unlocked.

With the 5th World Ranking, the agents can now finally enter the endgame, test their skills and equipment in heroic missions, and farm new gear sets. The bring again additional build variation into play.

Are there any exact patch notes?

Not yet. In the State of the Game, however, many details have already been revealed.

  • Weapon and Skill mods are revised properly
  • Several weapons are being raised and buffed
  • Many bugs and glitches are removed

A new event launches that brings many cosmetic items like new masks.

Stay Tuned For More Updates