BioWare Boss Is Said To Have Internally Admitted What Went Wrong With Anthem

BioWare Boss Is Said To Have Internally Admitted What Went Wrong With Anthem

BioWare boss is said to have internally admitted what went wrong with Anthem. An internal email from BioWare boss Casey Hudson was leaked. This confesses the mistakes in the development of Anthem.

What went wrong?

There has been much criticism in recent weeks for Anthem, which peaked a few days ago with a Kotaku insider report . There was talk of bad management, big problems in development and far too little time in the main production of the game. This should also have led to a denomination of the story and controversial Grind .

After the order to BioWare employees to not talk to the press, an official statement followed. Here, however, it was decided not to go into the article, because it was considered “unhelpful” because there were attacked individual employees.

Internally, this obviously looks different. As Kotaku reports, a message has now been sent internally by BioWare to Casey Hudson, General Manager of BioWare.

What’s in the message?

In the mail, Hudson comments “on the Kotaku article and the discussions that have emerged online.”

BioWare wants to be a better place to work: Hudson seems to be particularly important to make BioWare a workplace that does not require too much stress or anxiety but likes to work. That would be important for the well-being of everyone and thus the quality of the games. He wants to create a place where everyone is “happy and successful”.

For the past few days, however, that had felt like he had failed in this task. However, many steps have already been taken in the right direction, such as a clear vision for the studio, clear values you stand for and a high standard that you want to strive for. In addition, the role of each employee should be defined more clearly so that the expectations can be met.

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Positive Words to Conclude:

Hudson ends his mail with the clear aim of making BioWare “a place that meets the highest expectations of BioWare games, with a working environment that is considered one of the best in the world.” He then asks for feedback the employee and mentions that you always have an ear for problems and would like to work on solutions.

The complete mail in English can be found in our sources.

How do you feel about Anthem and the entire story of the disclosure of the problems of development? Do you think that BioWare will improve in this regard? Or are these a general problem in the gaming industry?

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