Destiny 2: 11 Highlights Of Update 2.2.1, Which You Can Look Forward To

Destiny 2: 11 Highlights Of Update 2.2.1, Which You Can Look Forward To

Destiny 2: 11 Highlights of Update 2.2.1, Which you can look forward to. Destiny 2 implements numerous requests and feedback from the fans with the update 2.2.1. Now the studio has given a preview of the patch notes in advance. We have summarized some highlights for you.

When will the update come? The update is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, according to Bungie. Then it should be published without downtime at 18 o’clock of our time on all platforms.

These are the highlights of the update 2.2.1

Note that this is a selection of known upcoming changes. A complete listing of all changes will be available on April 9 in the patch notes.

Random Rolls at Xur: That’s what a lot of fans wanted. As of April 12, exotic armor offered by the mysterious Nine Agent will provide random perk.

New Exotic Master Catalysts: In Destiny 2, numerous exotic guns lack the appropriate masterpiece catalysts. With the update 2.2.1 four new cats will be added, which can be earned over the Nighfall, the Vanguard Strikes and the Crucible.

It refers to:

  • Catalyst for the grenade launcher Prospector (from Twilight and Strikes)
  •       ”       for the Pistol Rat King (from Twilight and Strikes)
  •        ”    for the automatic rifle Hard light (from dusk and strikes)
  • Catalyst for the automatic rifle SUROS regime (from the crucible)

Find out how to get all the catalysts available so far and what they can do here: All the masterpiece catalysts in Destiny 2 and how to get them

Warlock bug finally fixed:

For a long time, a bug causing the Void Warlock’s Bloom ability to do no damage . This perk currently completely useless. This bug should now finally fixed with the upcoming update.

Desired raid triumph recognized retroactively: The Triumph Diamond Equal comes when the Raid team finishes the Raid “Scourge of the Past” spotless. This success for example also for the title blacksmith (Blacksmith) presupposed.

For a long time, this triumph banned. Even if the teams did a flawless run, he not recognized. Bungie already fixed the bug, but the success not recognized retrospectively to the annoyance of many fans .

This change with the upcoming update. Guardians, who denied the triumph due to the bug, get him back with the update. There will a notification in the game.

Desired Bug is fixed:

The exotic bow Desire gives the wearer a kind of X-ray view, with which you can see other players through walls. But the bearers were invisible, they could not use the X-ray view at this time. This bug should now be fixed.

Destiny 2 gets more generous with new weapons in Season 6: Season 6 brought a total of 10 new weapons for Gambit Prime and Billing . But the weapons rarely fell to the taste of many guardians. With the new update, players should finally have better chances to get these new guns.

What Bungie is up to in detail, you can learn here: Destiny 2 turns on the Loot cock in the new activities

Changes to Gambit Prime: Gambit Prime has some changes in the invasion.

  • Thus, an invasion kill now heals 8% of prehistoric health. So far, it was 12% per kill
  • Cooldown of the invasion portal during the prehistoric phase increased from 30 seconds to 40
  • The cooldown starts when the player killed or returns from an invasion
  • In addition, Gambit Prime now counts on the activation of the weekly Gambit Clan Engram

Changes in Ada-1:

Even with the dealer of the Black Armory should do something with the new update – namely in their inventory.

The developers want to prevent that for weeks there no powerful weapons forms for certain guns. Therefore, the weekly rotation removed at Ada-1 . After the update she offering all weapon types every week.

Greater chances on rare cosmetics: For title hunters brings the upcoming update also joyous news.

For a long time, many fans asking for the chance to remove the random component from hunting for titles, or at least to increase the drop rate of certain rare items that needed in this context.

Although the accident not completely removed, for items such as the ship, the spirit and the Sparrow from the Dreaming City or the Forsaken Raid Last Wish, the drop rate with Update 2.2.1  screwed up. Even the rare fusion gun One thousand votes should then drop with a higher probability.

Changes to quests and raids:

Some quests and bounties also improved. So Power Raid forays, which deleted or expired, then available again at the Rover. Nevertheless, any of these forays can only completed once per character.

In addition, all 4 Weekly Rollman Raids at Gambit Prime now grant Mighty Helm Rewards.

Numerous sandbox changes: The Arkus Week, which starts with the 2.2.1 update, will make extensive changes to numerous sub-foci of various Guardian classes.

Many skills and super are buffed. Learn more about the changes in detail here: Destiny 2 introduces the Arkus Week – this is behind the new event.

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