Destiny 2 Introduces Arkus Week – This Is Behind New Event

Destiny 2 Introduces Arkus Week - This Is Behind New Event

Destiny 2 introduces the Arkus Week – this is behind the new event. Destiny 2 electrifies everything with the Arkus Week. Guardians can look forward to improved Arcus classes, a powerful machine gun, and new forays.

Many keepers have been waiting for that: The fact that the Arkus week is coming has been known since the introduction of Season 6. But until today there were no details, what kind of event this is and what it entails. In the current “This Week at Bungie” blog Bungie has now revealed the first details about this event.

The Arkus Week – This is known so far

When does the Arkus week go? The new event will start on the 9th of April and will run until the reset on the 16th of April.

What is Arkus week? The event is essentially a kind of week of motto where everything revolves around the Arkus element. For this Bungie has, among other things

  • Activated Arcane Scorching, which increases Arcus damage from all sources. Which activities are exactly
  • affected by this is still unclear
  • made extensive sandbox changes to the Arkus subclasses. These will persist beyond the event
  • new Arkus forays introduced
  • brought back the Witch Cauldron in the Crucible so the Keepers can romp around there with their enhanced
  • Arc skills
  • brought back the Thunderlord quest.
  • Guardians, who still lack this exotic machine gun, can go to the cosmodrome and secure the heavy machine
  • gun directly there. Because currently there is the Donnerlord only as a random drop from exotic engrams. For
  • this you have time from the 9th to the 23rd of April.
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This is how the arc subsubes change

Sandbox changes focused on the Arkus sub-classes. But other sub-focuses have also benefited.

These changes will continue beyond the Arkus week. The Sandbox team took the event as an opportunity to revise the focus on what they wanted to do since Forsaken. This will change with Update 2.2.1 on April 9th:

Striker Titan – Code of the Juggernaut

Frontal attack:

  • For the duration of the buff, all weapon damage is increased by 25% against enemies and 20% against players
  • The duration was increased from 10 to 16 seconds
  • In addition, a buff timer is now displayed in the HUD


  • The melee damage bonus has been increased from 25% to 60%
  • The effect is now also triggered when the target has been dealt 60% damage. Further damage after the 60%
  • updates the timer. Breaking an enemy shield will still trigger knockout
  • The effect is no longer consumed after only one melee attack
  • The duration was increased from 3 to 5 seconds

Arkusacrobat Hunter: The Way of the Warrior

Kombo impact

  • The melee bonus damage can now be stacked up to 3x. Each stack requires a melee ability skill. The buff increases melee damage by 60% per stack in PvE and by 22.7% per stack in PvP. Previously, the buff was 50%
    Kills with this ability now heal 40 health and start the health regeneration

Deadly range:

  • Buff duration extended from 6 to 8 seconds
  • In addition, the buff no longer consumed by a melee hit

Arkusacrobat Hunter: The Way of the Wind

Confusion shock:

  • The distance of the confusion effect increased by 50%
  • The duration of the effect extended from 1.5 to 2 seconds
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Focused breathing:

  • The reload bonus during a sprint increased by 100%

Battle Meditation:

  • The bonus grenade and combat regeneration rate increased by 25% while being seriously injured

Lightning Reflexes:

  • Dodge resistance increased from 25% to 40% in PvP and increased from 63% to 70% in PvE
  • Stormwarmer Warlock: Stormtrance Super

Change in the Super:

  • The damage of the Super will now scale to 150% for 5 seconds if you continue to use this attack.
  • Stormwarmer-Warlock: Tuning the transmission
  • Chain Lightning melee

This can now be strung together up to 5x (previously 1x). Each individual goal can be met twice. Chain damage has been reduced from 50 to 31 per chain hit

Arkus network

  • Can now tie to significantly more goals and switch between goals
  • The chain range increased from 10 to 12 meters
  • Concatenating Arcus damage reduces the cooldown of the grenade. This works for Arkus Net Chains and Chain
  • Lightning Melee chains. You get 3% energy per chain damage instance in PvE and 10% in PvP

Destiny Warlock Arkus

Stormwarmer Warlock: Tuning the Elements

Electrostatic wave:

  • The Rift Regeneration Rate bonus increased by 600% for each nearby Guardian
  • Duration of the rift increased from 15 to 20 seconds
  • There is a message on the screen when the buff active


  • Your damage duration increased by 50%.
  • This how other subclasses of the Warlock change
  • The Warlock not only improved on the Arc skills. Thus, the once- in-the-ground nova-warp
  • Strengthened with the upcoming update 2.2.1. A perk of the Duskblade will also adjust, but it mitigated
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Empty Runner Warlock: Nova Warp Super

Bungie admits to having over-grown this super too hard at the last adaptation. With these changes, one hopes to have found the golden mean:

  • The cost of the first charged explosive energy reduced by 20%
  • Energy costs to sustain the charged blast reduced by 7%
  • The time it takes for the charged blast to fully charge reduced from 0.9 seconds to 0.7
  •   ”     cost of teleport reduced by 20%
  • Base duration of this Super has now increased from 18 to 22 seconds
  • Duskblade Warlock: Eternal Fire Perk

With the changes you wanted to prevent this perk in some cases can lead to an endless super. The amount of the super-money that you get back first increased, but declining earnings built in, so you can not continue indefinitely.

  • First return of super energy increased from 10% to 13%
  • Energy return then goes back linearly from 13% to 0.75% per kill within 30 kills

Stay Tuned For More Updates