Fortnite Hides A Banner In Week 6 (S8), Not A Star Location

Fortnite Hides A Banner In Week 6 (S8), Not A Star Location

Fortnite hides a banner in Week 6 (S8), not a star location. In week 6 of Season 8 in Fortnite , players seek a secret star. But this time a banner is waiting for you. We show the location of the banner so you can collect it conveniently.

What is this banner?

For the weekly challenges of a season, Fortnite regularly provides players with the opportunity to pick up a banner or a secret star.

In order to qualify, you must have completed all the tasks of the different weeks. Today the challenges started from week 6 in season 8.

Once you have finished, you can pick up the banner that you may use for your profile. To see the banner you need to play in standard game mode or a time limited game mode. On the playground you do not see the banner.

Week 6 Banner Location – Where to look?

This week, the loading screen will again give you a hint with coordinates. In a golden key the coordinates E2, E3, F2 and F3 are engraved.

At the end of the key you can also clearly see the outline of a banner. Fortnite wants to tell you: Search at these coordinates!

Here you should search: To be more precise, you should search exactly in the middle of these coordinates. This is near The Block and Lazy Lagoon.

Exactly at the crossroads of the coordinates you find a tree at a way edge. The grows below a pirate camp . The banner is hidden on a branch of this tree.

Video tutorial: Finding the banner is not easy this week. We’ll include a YouTube video here so you can see the exact spot where the banner is hidden.

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Beware of Campers: Remember that every week players just wait for people to loot the star or the banner. The entrench themselves there in the vicinity. So pay attention to your surroundings before you run to this banner.

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