Fortnite: Wood Bunny, Stone Pig, And Metal Lama – Find It Here

Fortnite: Wood Bunny, Stone Pig, And Metal Lama - Find It Here

Fortnite: Wood Bunny, Stone Pig, And Metal Lama – Find It Here. In Fortnite started Week 6 of Season 8 and you shall a rabbit, a pig and a Llama find. We show you the locations on the map. The task is to visit wooden hares, a pig and a metal lama.

What is this task? Every week, Fortnite:

Battle Royale introduces you to new challenges in the Seasonal Battle Pass. Some just ask you to land in named places. Others are a little trickier and ask you to visit animal structures.

In this task you should find a rabbit made of wood, a pig of stone and a llama of metal. We searched the map and marked you the points where you find the structures

Which one must visit first? The order does not matter. You can start in the north at the llama, in the west at the hare or in the south at the pig. You do not have to complete the task within a match. So take the time you need for it.

Where is the woodhase in Fortnite?

Here you should search: You will find the wooden hare in the western part of the island. Between the village of Snobby Shores and Haunted Hills. In this spot, the giant hare waiting for you, which was built of wood. This is in grid grid A4.

Where is the pig in Fortnite?

Here you are looking for: The Stone Pig can found just south of Fortnite, at Lucky Landing. This is in the grid field G10 on the border with F10.

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Where is the metal Llama in Fortnite?

Here you should search: The Llama has often been part of the challenges in Fortnite. You can find it far to the northwest, at Junk Junction. This is the grid field B1.

Once you have visited these 3 locations, the task is done and you can start solving further challenges of the current week:

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