Hearthstone: If You Log In Now, You Can Already Play With This New Card

Hearthstone: If You Log In Now, You Can Already Play With This New Card

Hearthstone: If you log in now, you can already play with this new card. Hearthstone fans should quickly log into the card game. For a few days, they can already experiment with a free card.

The next expansion of Hearthstone,

Shadow Conspiracy, will start in just a few days. With a total of 135 new maps, there are plenty of opportunities for new decks. Already in advance, you can try out your first ideas, because a Legendary is given to all players who log in now.

This Legendary is there:

If you log in now, you will immediately receive a copy of the legendary servant Archmage Vargoth when you start Hearthstone. This minion costs 4 mana and has solid 2/6 values. Its effect ensures that at the end of the turn you have a copy of a random spell that you have already spoken that turn. The goals for this (if there is a choice) are chosen at random.

Vargoth is instantly playable:

the cool thing about the action is that you can play with Archmage Vargoth right away, even though the expansion has not even appeared yet. So you can put it directly into existing decks and experiment a bit before adding the remaining 134 cards in a few days.

Now there are already new cards:

It is also interesting that you already have a new card pack of “Conspiracy of Shadows”. You just have to win one game in the card chaos. There you will get a chance deck this time, depending on the class. The mana cost of all cards on his hand is rolled out every turn. So it’s only a matter of time until you win a round by luck alone and get the pack. This can then be opened for the launch on April 9th.

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