Hearthstone: I’m Especially Looking Forward To These 5 New Cards

Hearthstone: I'm Especially Looking Forward To These 5 New Cards

Hearthstone: I’m especially looking forward to these 5 new cards. The new expansion of Hearthstone brings many new cards. Cortyn has picked out five favorites that are eagerly awaited.

The latest addition to Hearthstone will arrive in a few days. On April 9, “Shadow Conspiracy” launches and lures with 135 new maps . This means new decks, new strategies and, above all, cool effects that you have not experienced before in Blizzard’s card game. I want to introduce you to some maps that I am especially looking forward to.

The cards are not necessarily overpowering or particularly strong, but simply have interesting effects that make for cool or exciting situations.

1. Madame Lazul

Madame Lazul has done to me of the priest cards . The legendary minion costs 3 mana and has values of 3/2 for it – comparatively weak. The battle cry makes you “discover” a card from the opponent’s hand.

Since three cards are always offered when discovering, you can almost see a good deal of the opponent’s hand and know pretty well what’s currently available.

This amount of information is so far unique and ensures that I will take the Madame on decks, where it hardly fits the other cards. Simply for the short feeling of “Aha, I know what you’re up to!”

2. Togwaggels plan

Rogues get the card Togwaggel’s Plan , a cheap spell for only 1 mana. The spell lets the player choose a servant (whether friendly or hostile) and then haul copies into his or her own deck. The number of copies increases with each move in which you have Togwaggels plan in hand.

Anyone who has been holding the card since turn 1 can put about 10 copies of a legendary servant of their choice in the deck. And there are really many cards that are dangerous if you have 10 copies of them ….

3. Bark

Druids can look forward to the legendary servant Leuchtborke . This servant has ratings of 4/8 and ridicule for 8 mana, which makes him quite expensive.

However, his death rattle makes sure that he does not really die but only becomes “inactive” until he has recovered 5 lives. If the light bark is not silenced before death, it can be revived almost endlessly.

Because the new set contains many cards with healing effects from which the druid can easily benefit.

4. Unobserved saboteur

Very high in my class is the Unobserved saboteur . This neutral, epic minion costs 6 mana and has values of 5/6.

By battle cry, he gets the opponent to play a spell from his hand and talk to a random target.

This should drive many a player to the heat of white who has already devised his perfect next move, only to then realize that the necessary magic is no longer available for it.

The saboteur has an exciting mechanics, which can also go “backwards”. In any case, this card will make for fun moments.

5. Archivist Elysiana

From the legendary neutral servants, I have marked Archivist Elysiana thick. This servant for 8 mana has scores of 7/7 and a battle cry that generates up to 15 cards. One may in turn discover 5 cards, which are directly on the hand.

In addition, the remaining deck is exchanged for 2 copies of the previously discovered cards. This is of course especially worthwhile if you have no cards left in the deck. Whether one can discover the archivist again?

Which card do you hope will have a particularly big impact on Hearthstone? What is your current favorite card and which one has the most interesting effect? Let us know in the comments!

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