Keep These Dates For The Next Community Days In Pokémon GO

Keep These Dates For The Next Community Days In Pokémon GO

Keep these dates for the next Community Days in Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO announced the dates for the Community Days in May, June, July and August. In addition, one can already make guesses for 2 months, which Pokémon it is.

These are the dates: In an official announcement for the GO Fests this summer , Niantic also announced the dates for the upcoming Community Days.

So one knows now, on which dates the popular events take place. By August all Community Days are scheduled.

On these days the Community Days take place

That’s the data: a total of 4 dates were announced. The events are both Saturday and Sunday:

  • May 19th (Sunday)
  • June 8 (Saturday)
  • July 21st (Sunday)
  • 3rd of August (Saturday)

This is especially true of the data:

Two of the Community Days will take place on Sunday. This is special because the last community days have always taken place on Saturday. For a long time there is once again an event on Sunday.

At what times does the event start? The last two Community Days ran from 3pm to 6pm on each day. The times were well received by the players , so one can assume that these times are maintained.

Do you know anything about the Pokémon?

Event Pokémon have not been announced yet. But you can probably assume that the two starters of the third generation, Flemmli and Hydropi, will be appearing at two of the events.

So in the normal order in May Flemmli and in July Hydropi be there. This is not confirmed, but only a theory.

This happens in April: April is already the event Pokémon announced. On the 13th of April there is the chance for Shiny Kindwurm and other great bonuses.

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