Khajiit Justifies Their Drug Addiction In The Elder Scrolls Online

Khajiit Justifies Their Drug Addiction In The Elder Scrolls Online

Khajiit justifies their drug addiction in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Khajiit from The Elder Scrolls Online have had a not too good reputation ever since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. But what about the rumor that the cat people are all hopeless junkies and for a pinch of lunar sugar would even sell their own mom to a televannic slave trader? Pretty much, says our author Dave.

Who are the Khajiit?

The Khajiit are a people of humanoid cats and come from the province of Elsweyr. No wonder, after all, it is nice and warm and Miezis are always looking for the warmest places to cuddle.

Khajiit are one of the potential peoples in character creation in all The Elder Scrolls games and are extremely popular with players, not least because of their special crafting skills.

Even in the mobile offshoot of the series, The Elder Scrolls Blades, you can choose a cat-man as an alter ego .

Give the cat lunar sugar

What kind of drugs do the critters take? Crystal, H, coke? No, Skooma! Skooma is a strictly forbidden drug in Tamriel, which you can either smoke or drink in your pipe. It is made from lunar sugar and a poisonous herb called belladonna.

And guess where? In Elsweyr!

Elsweyr is virtually the land of Tamriel, where all the drugs are produced for the rest of the world. And the Khajiit are practically little drug lords because they do not want to shed the secret to successfully growing lunar sugar on outsiders. They build their stuff nicely themselves. First and foremost naturally for the trade, because moon sugar is used by the “normal” citizen Tamriels also as spice for cooking. Only when you use it to Skooma, it unfolds its full effect.

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Imagine the poor khajiit farmers on their moon sugar field. It is clear that after the hard work he needs a bit of relaxation and wants to come down.

Can you blame him for running a small drug kitchen and throwing away his cat’s brain in his free time?

What effects does Skooma have? Pulling a few puffs on the Skooma whistle makes you feel very euphoric and alert for a while.

However, it also leads to dysregulation, drowsiness and an increase in the level of aggression.

Crystal Moon – the trend drug

Are not they ashamed? No, they are proud of it too! Like beer in Bavaria, the moon sugar in the khajiit is something of staple food.

The Miezis see it as a crystallized form of moonlight. And the moon is more than holy to them.

By taking the powder, they believe that they take small portions of the souls of their gods. However, a khajiit would never be considered addictive, and of course, the kitties are quickly insulted if they are labeled as junkies.

What else should one know about Khajiit? It would be very discriminatory to reduce the proud Khajiit people only to their drug addiction. Because like many other peoples, they have a rich culture.

For example, they like to steal. But they also see it completely differently. They consider themselves innocent.

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