New Game Dreadlands Combines Turn-Based Tactics And MMO, Coming On Steam In 2019

New Game Dreadlands Combines Turn-Based Tactics And MMO, Coming On Steam In 2019

New game Dreadlands combines turn-based tactics and MMO, coming on Steam in 2019. The independent studios Fatshark and Blackfox Studios introduced a new game with Dreadlands. Dreadlands plays in a post-apocalyptic world and unites almost opposing elements.

What is Dreadlands?

According to Fatshark’s official announcement. Dreadlands a “turn-based skirmish game in a post-apocalyptic shared world.” Dreadlands developed by Blackfox Studios. Fatshark, who worked on Warhammer: Vermintide 2, acts as a publisher.

The basis for the game the post-apocalyptic game Krater. Also developed by Fatshark. Krater plays in Sweden of the future, which devastated.

Dreadlands released on Steam in 2019. An exact date not yet mentioned. More information can found on the official website of Dreadlands.

What is Dreadlands about?

In Dreadlands, you control a group of mercenaries that you send through. The destroyed world to compete in turn-based combat with other players against PvE opponents. Or other players in PvP. Features include:

  • own gangs, where you can choose between different factions
  • “Cartoon-esque” violence and blood spatter
  • new tactics that you can learn by leveling up
  • unique artifacts and equipment
  • a separate base with upgrades

There bunkers of the old world scattered around the world that you can plunder.

The game also includes a campaign to tell the story of Dreadlands. The founder of Blackfox Studios, Peter Nilsson says to Dreadlands:

With Dreadlands, we wanted to take online elements of MMOs. Or shared-world shooters and hook them up with addictive, turn-based gameplay.

The community says:

Dreadlands already discussed by some potential fans on Reddit. Most Looking forward to the game and looking forward to a turn-based game with MMO elements.

They also see it as a good sign that Fatshark behind it. Peter Nilsson himself the lead developer for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, which well received by many players .

Some users already comparing Dreadlands with similar games as XCOM. With a touch of Borderlands, the third part of which recently announced .

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