Pokémon GO Launches Specialized Research In Summer – For Us Too?

Pokémon GO Launches Specialized Research In Summer - For Us Too?

Pokémon GO launches new specialized research in the summer – for us too? In Pokémon GO there will be a new special research around the GO festival in Chicago. This could also be interesting for German players. We tell you why.

This is the specialty research:

Nianitc announced three GO Fests around the world this summer . As it has now become known, the GO Fest in Chicago will even have its own special research.

That’s how it was last year at the GO Festival in Chicago. After the event was over, there was also special research in an applied form for the whole world. So it could be the case here.

So far we know that about special research
What does Niantic say? The information was leaked via “Serebii” on Twitter. This player is in direct contact with Niantic and keeps getting information about the game.

So he also confirmed the special research for the GO festival in Chicago.

Which Pokémon is she spinning?

You do not know that yet. Many players suspect that this will give you Jirachi. This is a 3rd generation mysterious Pokémon and would be an ideal fit for this task. It compares well with Mew or Celebi .

That is why it is interesting for us Germans: The special research could also have a big impact on us German players.

So there is also a GO Fest in Dortmund this summer. It’s easy to imagine that special research will be active in Dortmund as well. This remains but first speculation.

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There was also such research at the GO Festival in Chicago last year . There Celebi was unlocked. After the event was over, you could do a special research around Celebi all over the world.

What players say: Numerous players share the assumption with a worldwide special research. So “InfinitePotat0” on Reddit writes : “So will it be August before the whole world gets the chance?”

Another player replies, “It will depend on when Asia holds its GO festival. They will not release it worldwide, before the Asianten had the chance. “He shares the assumption that the GO Fest in Dortmund will also receive the special research.