Pokémon GO: This Is How You Defeat The Level 4 Raid Ninjask Alone

Pokémon GO: This Is How You Defeat The Level 4 Raid Ninjask Alone

Pokémon GO: This is how you defeat the Level 4 Raid Ninjask alone. In Pokémon GO, there is currently Ninjask as a 4-star raid. You can even defeat this raid boss on your own. That’s how it works.

This is Ninjask: The Pokémon comes along with many other beetles as new Raid bosses into the game. Normally you can not defeat 4-raids alone. You need at least 2 players. But Ninjask is the exception, because the Beetle Pokémon has very weak values, which makes it easy to defeat alone.

We’ll show you how to beat the raid boss without help and which Pokémon are effective.

It’s so easy to defeat Ninjask solo

What counter are I need? Ninjask is of the type Beetle and Flight. Effective are the types of rock, electric, fire, ice and flight. The best is the type of rock, because on the other hand Ninjask has a double weakness.

At what level do you have to be?

In order to defeat Ninjask alone, you have to be at least level 35, if not higher. Your counterattacks definitely have to be at this level.

With this Pokémon you can defeat it solo: Ninjask can only be defeated by Rock Pokémon solo. Suitable for this are:

  • Rameidon with catapult and stone edge (at level 35)
  • Despotar with catapult and stone edge (at level 40)

In partial cloudy weather, you can use more rock Pokémon. This includes:

  • Rihornior with catapult and stone edge
  • Amoroso with stone throw and stone hail
  • Geowaz with stone throw and stone edge
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Here’s how: Here’s a YouTube video for you showing how to defeat Ninjask alone. If you have the right counterattack, then you can defeat the Beetle Pokémon with enough time left.

How long does Ninjask stay in raids?

You have to hurry if you want to challenge the Beetle Pokémon in Raids. Ninjask remains in the raids until April 9th. After that, the old Raid bosses return.

Ninjask came into play together with the Beetle event. You can find all information about this event here:

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