So Borderlands 3 Addresses The Biggest Criticism Of Its Predecessor

So Borderlands 3 Addresses The Biggest Criticism Of Its Predecessor

So Borderlands 3 addresses the biggest criticism of its predecessor. In Borderlands 3 players of different levels can play together and be rewarded accordingly. Gearbox takes on the biggest criticism of its predecessor.

What changes Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13th and brings with it an innovation. Through appropriate scaling friends should always be able to play together, even if they have a big difference in level.

Players should deal damage and be rewarded in return for it. To do this, Vault hunters will get their own loot, instead of having to split it with the other players.

However, fans who prefer to continue to play with shared loot as in their predecessors should also be able to select it.

With which new classes you are in Borderlands 3 we have here for you .

So it was in the predecessors:

In Borderlands 1 and 2, the progress and the level requirement were taken from the host, the player who started the game session.

Now a player with a lower level joined, although this could ascend very fast in the level, but did extremely little damage to the opponents.

A player with a higher level was able to mow down the enemies single-handedly, but in return was hardly rewarded for it.

The loot was shared with all players. The prey was simply on the ground and could be picked up by all players. According to our author Robert, the predecessors of Borderlands 3 are still worthwhile .

The players say: The changes are well received by the players. Many are happy that they no longer have to haggle with their co-op partners for the best weapons.

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Others talk about their bad experiences with the shared loot. Other players indicate what rules they have met with their friends in the predecessors for the loot.

However, there are also players who prefer the co-op principle of split loot. They are happy that they can also choose this and think that everyone can play as they want.

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On Steam, players just let their anger out on Borderlands 1 and 2: