The 5 Highest Elevations In Fortnite – The Localities

The 5 Highest Elevations In Fortnite - The Localities

The 5 highest elevations in Fortnite – The localities. In week 6 of Season 8, visit Fortnite ‘s 5 highest elevations on the island. We show you on a map where to look.

That’s the task: In the 6th week one of the tasks is “Visit the 5 highest elevations on the island”. So that you can complete the task easily, we show you the 5 highest places on a map. So you can easily put a check behind the task.

Here you will find the 5 highest elevations of the island

Where do I find the points? The places are distributed throughout the map. So it’s not that easy to visit all the places in just one round. So you should plan several rounds.

Pay attention to these hints: The highest point is indicated by a sign on which the height is indicated. If you see these signs, then you have reached the highest point.

Here you have to search: So that you can find all 5 points quickly, we have listed them here again:

  • On top of the crater of the volcano, on the south side overlooking the lava and retail row
  • The mountain south of Pleasant Park in the grid C5. There it stands directly between two trees
  •   ”     mountain east of Snobby Shores in the grid C4. There the sign stands directly in front of a stone
  • In the city of Polar Peak, at the top of the Ice King’s Castle
  • The mountain east of Frosty Flights. There is the sign at the top of the submarine

How do I finish the task?

All you have to do is visit the places. Once you arrive at the site, the task already counts as passed. You just have to look at the sign.

You have to pay attention to that: There will be plenty of players in every location, because they have to do the same as you.

So you should look for enemies so as not to be surprised by them.

This video helps: If you still have trouble locating the signs, you can watch this video. It shows where you have to land everywhere:

What else is there for tasks? Many tasks in week 6 are a bit more difficult. So you have to:

  • visit a wooden hares, a pig and a metal lama
  • Search in a place where the knife is on the treasure map loading screen

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