The Child Demolished The Car Because Parents Took Away Fortnite

The Child Demolished The Car Because Parents Took Away Fortnite

The child demolished the car because parents took away Fortnite. A Boston-based doctor in the US told a story of a kid who became aggressive with Fortnite. So this child even demolished his parents‘ car when they took away Fortnite.

There are always stories of children developing tremendous aggression through Fortnite. So now Dr. Michael Rich such a story.

Rich is a pediatrician and the head of the interactive media and Internet disorder department at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The doctor reports the aggression of young players

Rich tells the story: In a conversation with the Boston Globe , Rich mentions a child as an extreme example of Fortnite aggression.

That’s how the kid looked for his game console where Fortnite played it. His parents had taken the device away from him, after her child was hanging in front of it.

The child suspected his gaming device in the family car. Because it did not find a key, the child unceremoniously demolished the windshield – with a hammer.

What does Rich say about Fortnite addiction?

For the doctor, the action with the child is not an isolated case. He reports that parents come to his clinic with their children again and again.

So he says, “You are not sleeping. They do not go to school. They withdraw from social activities. Many children have stopped doing sports. ”

But Rich also says that this is only a small percentage of the players and definitely not for all kids.

That’s what Fortnite does with some families: According to another therapist, Fortnite creates considerable stress on the children’s parents.

Couples argued about who brought Fortnite into the house.

In one case it had come so far that the parents had almost thought about divorce. Looking after the parents of such children is similar to working with parents who have drug addicted children.

Fortnite exerts a great fascination: Fortnite is popular with many young players and it always comes back to such stories.

Even the young professional “Mongraal”, who is just 14 years old, rested several times in the stream. So he already destroyed his keyboard , because it just did not go around for him.

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