The Division 2 Nourishes Exactly The 2 Weapons I Play – I Feel Caught

The Division 2 Nourishes Exactly The 2 Weapons I Play - I Feel Caught

The Division 2 nourishes exactly the 2 weapons I play – I feel caught. On the 5.4. comes a bigger patch to The Division 2. The brings two Nerfs with him: The sniper rifle model 700 and the rifle Mk17 are getting worse. Our author Schuhmann says: They whip exactly the two weapons I play – and somehow I feel caught.

With these two weapons I’m playing: It’s about the rifle Mk17 – police version. This is a single-shot rifle with relatively high damage, fast rate of fire and a large 20-round magazine. The thing can blow enemies in close combat and in the middle distance. It’s great and ideal for fumbling around behind the cover.

The sniper rifle model 700 has an incredibly high single-shot damage, loads slowly and has 7 shots in the magazine. The rifle proved to an ideal sniper and hits the head clean on head hits – even enemies you just roam stumble and get stuck.

Why are the weapons being raised?

Both weapons simply doing too much damage and part of a hot build that haunts forums. The Sniper supposed to be brutally strong in PvP – but I have not played that yet. But the Nerf will still meet me as a PvE player. Massive wants to weaken the weapons to maintain balance.

So I came to arms: The Model 700 pushed up. That was the highest value sniper rifle on damage, and much more than the right damage does not interest me in a sniper weapon. Previously I had experimented with lighter sniper rifles, but they could not convince me. They did not feel like a sniper must feel for me: “A shot and heads turn into red clouds.”

However, I only have a model 700 with item-level 412 and wanted to switch to alternatives later – but none felt as satisfying as the heavy sniper rifle. Most of the time, I do not even want to play the sniper’s special weapon because I like the Model 700 so much. From distance and in safe cover the enemy sniper and gun turret minions off or fetching infantry at the Spawnpunkt makes me in a good mood. Targeted to seek out and eliminate weak points, feels great in group play.

At the Mk17, I admit, I followed a guide.

After reading the article about the million DPS build , I found the Mk17 shortly afterwards, tried it and it fun for me. Until then I played with a MG, but the Mk17 looked more elegant on me. I reach for a rifle when my random friends in the group break, and still get through opponents to my withdrawn post.

That why I feel caught: When I read that The Division 2 going to use these two weapons in the first patch, I am not upset but even a little bit proud of myself. For I had found the weapon on my own with “Model 700”, which everyone regards as too strong and somehow exaggerated. Since I could have come on it myself, because I have already scored numerous headshot kills with the thing.

Apparently, despite the item level 412, my hoot also particularly well advised. The other day I’ve made 5 more models 700, but none of the values ran to my sweetheart. With world rank 5 but I would probably have to change so or so.

I’m not too sorry about the Mk17, so I’ll either switch to LMG,

Keep playing with the generous MK17, or take a slower rifle, but I’ll miss the 700 model if the nerf fails too hard tomorrow. But it’s probably the best thing to do because I also felt I was one of those guys in The Division 2 playing what everyone else regards as too strong.

Earlier in the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot, I have such “Flavor of the Months” Heinis, which only go after what is rocking and switching to the new trendy class, a bit ridiculed – in The Division 2, I am myself one.

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