The Division 2: Server Down At 5.4. – When Is Tidal Basin Update Coming?

The Division 2: Server Down At 5.4. - When Is Tidal Basin Update Coming?

The Division 2: Server Down At 5.4. – When Is The Tidal Basin Update Coming? Today, on the 5.4. comes the Tidal Basin update in The Division 2. Before there is server maintenance. All information about the server status.

With the Tidal Basin Update today comes the first expansion to The Division 2. Before that, there is server maintenance.

These are the most important times on the 5.4.

  • Maintenance starts at 9:30. You can not log in during this time.
  • Downtime is 3 hours. The servers are therefore expected to be offline by 12:30.
  • If the servers do not go online in time, we will update this here in the article.

When will the update come? On PS4, the update can now be loaded.

So big is the download:

  • PS4: 5.7 GB
  • Xbox One: 5.4 GB
  • PC: 5.5 GB

The Tidal Basin Update

This is in the new update: With Tidal Basin come several in-game features to The Division 2. This includes

  • The 5th world rank
  • The base Tidal Basin
  • 3 new gear sets
  • A new PvP map
  • Balance changes to weapons
  • 2 new exotics
  • Skill and weapon mods are being redesigned
  • and there are quite a few fixes of bugs and glitches.

More information is available in our summary.

Are there any patch notes?

Developer Massive has not released any patch notes yet. We’ll submit it as soon as the developers release it.

What else is coming? In addition, the apparel event starts, where players can get special containers with new, cosmetic items. This event runs from April 5th to May 2nd.

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In a trailer, Massive has also announced the new release date of the first raid. The trailer also reveals what awaits you in the coming weeks.

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