The Division 2: We Finally Know When First Raid Starts – Trailer Here

The Division 2: We Finally Know When First Raid Starts - Trailer Here

The Division 2: We finally know when the first raid starts – trailer is here. In a new trailer, The Division 2 has finally announced the start of the first raid, Operation Dark Hours, for 8 players. It starts in April. But that’s not all: there will be new exotics, a specialization and more in the coming weeks.

When does the raid start? Operation Dark Hours, the name of the raid,  released on April 25. The trailer also reveals that this raid is part of a large, multi-part update called Invasion: Battle for DC.

“Invasion: Battle for DC” also includes the update with Tidal Basin and World Rank 5, which released tomorrow, April 5 . comes to The Division 2.

New specialization is coming

What else does the trailer reveal? The new information also includes that in Tidal Basin also a new PvP map is included.

In addition, a new specialization will come to The Division 2.

Invasion: 3 updates for The Division 2

This is in the three-part update:

  • First, on 5.4. Tidal Basin including the 5th world rank online. Part of the update will include 3 gear sets and
  • weekly invasions. There are also 2 new exotic weapons, Pestilence (LMG) and Nemesis (sniper rifle) and a new
  • PvP map “Fort McNair”
  • The Raid Operation: Dark Hours will follow on April 25th. 8 players in this raid will have to storm the Ronald
  • Reagan International Airport and face some challenges.
  • The third part of the update includes a specialization with a new, individual weapon. These are, as some people
  • suspect, a minigun . Here is no date known.
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From 5.4. also launches the Invasion Apparel Event. There are new, special containers with new cosmetic items. The event runs until 2 May. All information about the update can be found in our summary .

What do we know about the raid so far?

There is hardly any official information. All you know is that the raid requires 8 players and should get the agents ready.

He also reminds of raids of classic MMORPGs . A leak to the raid in The Division 2 shows how extensive the airport could be as a raid.  What do you think of the information? Are you looking forward to the raid?

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