The GO Fest Of Pokémon GO Will Be Coming To Germany For The First Time In 2019

The GO Fest Of Pokémon GO Will Be Coming To Germany For The First Time In 2019

The GO Fest Of Pokémon GO Will Be Coming To Germany For The First Time In 2019. Pokémon GO has announced the dates for the 2019 Summer Tour. So there will be a GO party in Dortmund at the beginning of July.

This was announced: It has already been speculated and now we have the confirmation. In July 2019, a GO festival starts in Dortmund.

In addition to the event in Dortmund, another GO festival for Chicago and the Asia-Pacific region was confirmed.

This was announced at the GO Fest in Dortmund

Niantic says: Overall, there will be 3 GO fests this summer. This is special because so far this event has only been in Chicago. Now there is the data for this year:

  • June 13 – 16: Pokémon GO Festival in Chicago
  • 4th – 7th of July: Pokémon GO-Fest in Dortmund
  • Time and place not yet known: Pokémon GO celebration in the Asia-Pacific region

What’s in the GO Fest?

Details about special Pokémon or other bonuses did not exist yet. So you can see on the announcement image for the event in Chicago the still missing Pokémon Hippopotas and Hippoterus.

You can also see Pachirisu in the background. This regional Pokémon is only available in Russia and northern North America. It should probably be catchable in Chicago.

Whether these monsters are to be caught in Dortmund remains to be seen. You can also see Trasla, Chelast and Seeper. All three Pokémon are not yet Shiny. It may be published one of the events.

In addition to these monsters, you can also see an icognito again, which will probably also be caught there exclusively. This was already the case last year. You can also see the complete Quiekel family and Alpollo.

What else was announced?

In addition, Niantic confirmed the dates for upcoming Community Days until August. In addition, they made it clear that in the second half of the season still some safari zones will come to the players. Where exactly these take place, they said so far not.

I can not be there. What now?

Niantic also announced that you can attend events anywhere in the world. You do not have to be there for that. That’s how it was last year . There were then worldwide tasks, which Shinys were unlocked.

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