Update 5.2 Makes Monster Hunter World A Better Game On PC

Update 5.2 Makes Monster Hunter World A Better Game On PC

Update 5.2 makes Monster Hunter World a better game on PC. Monster Hunter World got the update 5.2 on PC. That comes with a “High Resolution Texture Pack”. The free DLC increases performance and improves graphics.

What does the update do?

The patch brings some new features. Among them is a free DLC that players can now download on Steam: the ” High Resolution Texture Pack “. The link leads directly to the DLC.

The expansion replaces all textures in Monster Hunter World with high-resolution textures. But beware: The package requires at least 40 GB of free space and 8 GB of graphics memory (VRAM).

Here is the package to find in the game: Who has downloaded the package, “Main menu> Options> Display> Advanced graphics settings” call. Here you can now adjust the texture quality.

Is Texture DLC really improving the graphics?

Players react positively: The DLC arrives well at the PC-players in the first hours. Only the size of the DLC is criticized. There are already first comparisons online, where you can see that the textures actually look less spongy.

On Steam the DLC receives mostly positive reviews (04.04.2019, 15:00 clock). Comments on the DLC say that Monster Hunter World looks much better now. This would be particularly noticeable in the armor and animals.

In this comparison video, the High Resolution Texture Pack was used on the right side.

Update optimizes control, brings new features

What else is changing? The update 5.2 improves the control with mouse and keyboard. So it says in the patch notes:

– A new type of mouse control has been added that rarely moves unintentionally when you control the focus camera with the mouse.
With the newly added Type 2, you can switch between monster parts by holding down the Sight button and using the scroll wheel when you have a monster targeted. In this type, the focus camera also takes longer to dissolve.
Select Start Menu> System> Options> Control to customize the controller.

– New camera control category added for the keyboard settings.
Camera control used to be limited to the keys O, K, L, and +, but can now be applied to other buttons by going to Main Menu> Options> Button Configuration.

  • In addition, players now receive a list of all received items on the reward screen when completing a quest and
  • choosing “Take All” and
  • it was added to a “friends can join” option at private sessions
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Bug fixes are also available: The new PC update fixes some bugs in Monster Hunter World.

For example, there was a bug that caused your character to display a similar texture resolution to NPCs. The player character should always be with high-resolution textures. That has been adjusted.

Here you can find the complete patch notes on Steam for update 5.2 , which lists further bug fixes.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.