Fan Invents “Dark” Way To Play Overwatch – People love it.

Fan Invents

Fan invents “dark” way to play Overwatch – People love it. Those who are bored in Overwatch simply invent new game modes. To see, this streamer needs the help of other players .

If Overwatch does not perform the same spell on players as it did a few years ago, players will consider new ways to play. For example, the streamer Hintboyright, who helped test a program. His screen went black and only a few points allowed him to see.

What’s up with the dark?

Hintboyright has used an overlay that darkens its entire screen. Only small areas were revealed, almost like the light of several flashlights. This bill was in turn controlled by other players who could illuminate different areas of the screen.

So it is then possible to see at least individual areas – such as the crosshair or the current life. The more skillfully the “teammates” follow the opponents with their ticket, the easier it was for Hinboyright to score some kills with Tracer.

Idea gets a lot of attention on Reddit: Generally, the idea is praised on Reddit. It could establish itself as a fun method of entertainment, especially on Twitch or other streaming platforms. So some players already hope that it could eventually give the opportunity for spectators to take the role of flashlights. No wonder the little clip received more than 28,000 upvotes.

In any case, this looks like a fun but very stressful way to play Overwatch.

What do you think about this idea? Is this a cool idea that could be fun especially with several players of this kind? Or is the whole thing too silly?

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