Fortnite brings great feature from Apex Legends in the next patch: Reboot Van

Fortnite brings great feature from Apex Legends in the next patch: Reboot Van

Fortnite Brings Great Feature From Apex Legends In Next Patch: Reboot Van. With the reboot van in Fortnite comes a feature that will change the whole game. You can bring eliminated team members back into the game. The feature has been waiting for players since February when Apex Legends faked it.

When will the reboot van arrive?

This vehicle has been shown many times in leaks and even in an official stream. With patch 8.30, which probably already next week (9 or 10 April) appears, it is time.

What is this van?

Several of these vans are at different positions on the map. If team members have been eliminated, you can collect a badge from them. They can be revived at the van.

A mechanic that players already know from Apex Legends . As early as February 2019, many players had asked Epic if they were planning something like that – and Epic said they were thinking about it.

It’s finally time next week.

In a video, Fortnite introduces the new feature that will revolutionize Epic’s Battle Royale.

Why does Fortnite have such a function?

Players and well-known streamers like Ninja have long been calling for a respawn system. Players are sometimes extremely bored if they die early in a match and then have to watch the rest of their team playing 20 minutes of gambling.

Recently there has been much discussion about how Fortnite can slow down the game to have more players in the endgame. With such a respawn function, Squads have greater chances of survival and can fight back into the game after an early loss.

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Then at the end of a game, at least all the squads, of which one has survived, would be back on the starting grid or have the chance.

This is how reviving with vans works

So it is now: If you are in a squad on the road and a team member goes down, you can revive it. But if the player is completely eliminated, then the team member has to watch and has no chance to actively participate in the game.

This changes: If an opponent eliminates one or more members of your team after update 8.30, you can collect a badge from them. This is called Reboot Card.

With the collected badges you run then to a van, where you can activate the reboot card.

After activation, a certain amount of time passes, then the teammates, who owned the badges, are gradually revived.

While the revival is in progress, the corresponding van emits clear signs such as horns and a huge beam of light. So it is clear to other players when such a revival takes place and where it takes place. It is not easy to revive members.

Where are players being revived?

In the video, you can see that the squad members then appear directly on the used van. So they do not fly from the top again on the field.

Keep in mind that revived squad members spawn without items.

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